Best productivity apps have simplified our work by great deal. The utility of these apps is extremely high that they have simplified our work and productivity. Below we have listed down some of the best productivity apps for 2015. Whatever work you do with your daily routine life, these apps will help you to enhance speed of work done. We already published article on best android productivity apps. You can also check out our latest article for business geeks: best android business card scanner. Top productivity Applications and business app has become the serious need for business meeting. Soon we will publish article on apple business apps.Best Productivity Apps


List Of Best Productivity Apps

1. Gmail: Using Gmail you can send and receive emails easily. Thus, this is a very important and most productive application that is a must have in your smart phone. It is one of the best free productivity apps.

2. Google Docs: Google docs is the most easy and user friendly application that comes with stock android. There are several features available in this application that makes it a highly productive application for people of all age groups especially the students. The application is compatible with Android, iOS and web platforms.

3. Drive: The drive application is still the strongest application even when compared with the Dropbox. There is 15 GB free space available on the drive. Moreover, apart from the available space you can even get access to extra space by paying a nominal fee of $2 to $300 to avail the space of 100 GB to 30 TB. It is compatible with Android and iOS. Moreover, you can even download and use Drive on your PC or Laptop.

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4. Microsoft One drive: This is a strong competitor to the previously mentioned Drive. These days a lot of organizations are shifting towards Microsoft One drive. The free plan supports space of 15 GB free space. However, there are several plans that you use to upgrade your space by paying a nominal fee.


5. Drop Box: Currently drop box has more users than the Google drive. The storage space available on drive is barely 2 GB however it is extremely popular amongst the students.

6.Box: Box will give you an access to 10 GB of free storage. Though it is not as popular as the other storage apps presented here however, the productivity of the app is there considering the very low fees for extending the storage space. For 10$ you can get access to 100 GB of storage space for one month. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

7. Google Hangouts: The Google hangouts are raising high on the popularity charts amongst big companies. This allows you to communicate with users easily using this app. There is a facility of one to one and one-to-many communications.

8. Skype: Another communication application that facilitates communication between users is Skype. The application is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. The developers of the Skype have currently sold off the application to Microsoft. It allows one-to-one and one-to-many conversations and video calling amongst the users.


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9. Trello: Trello is a productive tool for single user and group users. It is an application that allows you to set up your to-do-list, organize tasks and notes, etc.

10. Evernote: Just like trello even evernote is used to organize tasks. There is a robust technology that allows managing pictures and videos along with bookmarking. Evernote is compatible with all the operating systems.

11. Office Mobile: This is an application that allows to use all the Microsoft office tools on your phone without actually installing Microsoft Office software on your device.

Conclusion Best Productivity Apps:

We hope you enjoyed our list of best productivity apps of 2015. Let us know your views via comment section on best android productivity apps.