Rainbow Car Insurance
1 in 4 consumers could save money on their car insurance. At Rainbow we know that everyone’s circumstances are different. From the car they drive to the place they live. From the age they are to the points they have on their licence. So here is how we are better than the rest.
Car insurance Benefits
• Quick and easy free car quotes
• Convicted driver insurance
• Young driver insurance
• No-obligation quotes for all types of drivers
• Comprehensive and third party policies
• Instant cover
• With or without no claims bonus
• Competitive quote from many major insurers in the UK
• Easy two minute quote form.
• Get the insurers fighting over your business at competitive prices
• Free and fast app
Our intelligent Car insurance form analyses the answers and depending on the responses will calculate what insurer is best to give you your quote. For example you may be a driver with 6 points on your licence, our form will recommend a certain insurer who has excellent rates for convicted drivers. If you are a young driver we will have the correct insurer to give you the best quote!
Our forms reward the safest and longest people as well as being highly competitive on the more complicated of drivers.
So take the easy 5 minute quote form and surprise yourself in getting competitive car insurance immediately.