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Download iTube Apk and Install iTube on Android, IOS and PC

iTube apk is an Android musical app to store the audios and videos in the back-end space. All the storage is based on YouTube. A user’s favourite video is stored as an MP3 file in YouTube file storage. YouTube is the main source of viewing and downloading different areas of video clips. So, download iTube apk from here and install it on your system. Here you will get a detailed guide on how to install iTube apk on IOS. We also explore, the iTube app on a computer or laptop.

It is a free app present as an MP3 storage file of the YouTube app. It can be easily used while app switching with all the other popular applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. during a constant watch, a video is also downloaded. ITube does not consume a lot of battery. Also, the bandwidth does not fluctuate much. It is the toughest competitor for Vidmate App.

The loading time is reduced while using ITube app. The localities where the signals are extremely low, ITube app is useful because of the bandwidth it consists of. During a video, no add commercials stop the video and it is displayed at a constant rate. ITube uses the latest Random Access Memory (RAM) in order to store the played YouTube video as an MP3 cache file in the application.

While talking about app security, the permissions are granted to all the users after verifying their credentials. Also, at the back end, their application permissions are checked thoroughly.

Download iTube app

No private data is stored anywhere in the app. Also, commercial ads are not supported to disturb any current activity of the user. The Bluetooth control is back in action. ITube is considered way much more than just the video downloader.



Download YouTube Video
  • Upload straight to the Internet:

The file just doesn’t need to be downloaded and viewed on YouTube. With ITube, personal videos can also be uploaded directly to YouTube. Any device is supported to upload such as iPhones, Ipads, and Laptops etc.

  • Up-gradation is easy:

Always visiting the stores to check for new features and upgrades is not required. With ITube, checking online for up-gradation and downloading of features and programs is easy and flexible.

  • Easy Storage and Conversion:

With iTube, the videos can be easily viewed. Download  YouTube videos is a way long process. But with ITube, YouTube videos can be easily downloaded and stored. Also, these videos are easily convertible. These videos can be either emailed or transferred to any of the contacts.

  • Efficient Searching:

The searching game is easy with ITube. With special keywords, a search is made significant by typing the keywords in the search bar.

System Requirement to Download ITube Apk 

  • Operating systems with minimum Android version Android 4.0.
  • The unknown settings should be enabled to avoid the downloading of the APK file.
  • In case of an IOS device, a Safari downloader and iFile is required.
  • Also, considering the tools, AppCake, iFunBOx, and Installous should be already downloaded on the IOS devices on which ITube app should be working.
  • Laptops with core processor i3 and above and RAM 4GB and above are required.
  • In the case of IOS, the latest version supports the app the best and should be used.

How To Download ITube App On PC

(ITube through PC’s can be easily transferred to the phones if required)

Download iTube Apk

  • Click on the above image and download latest iTube APK file.
  • This download can be done on any computer with IOS or Linux and then can be transferred to the phones or tablets where the apps would be working.
  • At the same time, the unknown sources should be allowed in the device’s settings that can be either the PC or mobile devices as per the user’s preference. This allows the APK file to be downloaded easily.
  • If the settings are not updated, APK file would face security issues during its downloading.

Download latest Vidmate apk for Android.

How ITube Works

  • The videos are known to be downloaded at the time they are played on the app.
  • This process of downloading takes place automatically.
  • It lessens the data usage, saves the battery.
  • Also, the watched videos can be added up to favourites.
  • A playlist can be easily created with the favourite videos.
  • Unlike YouTube, ITube can play a video in the background as well. Even while app switching; the video would be played in the background.

 Check Vidmate for Windows Computer and Laptop.

How To Download ITube Apk on IOS

  • The IOS device should be jailbreak initially. This will allow the user to download ITube or any other app that are not present in App store. In such a case, any other website becomes accessible to download any such app even if the operating system is IOS.
  • Two contexts should be taken care of: Cydia Safari and iFile. These apps are required to be present in IOS devices so they should be downloaded on the devices beforehand.
  • IOS tools such as AppCake, iFunBox, Installous should also be downloaded.
  • The APK file should be downloaded with the context of YouTube. The link to download the APK file is present on the official site of ITube from where the app requires being downloaded.
  • The APK is downloaded through the safari downloaded which was initially downloaded under the agenda of getting ITube on IOS devices.
  • The role of iFile comes into play. The downloaded file moves to its designated place through iFile. This process is carried with any of the tools from AppCake, iFunBox and Installous that was downloaded initially.
  • The app now exists on the IOS device. It can be used easily as used in Android devices. The videos can be easily saved.


Download and Install Vidmate IPA on iPhone.

Pros OF ITube-

  • The service provided is unambiguous.
  • The app remains updated all the time so no new features are missed.
  • It is highly efficient to save money through marketing of this app.
  • Just a device and the app are required. No need for external equipment such as computer and other hardware.
  • More connection with diversified people is established through ITube video sharing and posting capability.
  • The app is very easy to use and explore.


Cons OF ITube-

  • This is a public app. The personal videos posted are no longer personal on this platform.
  • There are some violated creatures that use post abusive content which is not appropriate for other users.
  • While app switching; it does not support the videos. The videos stop playing at the back end which is high not recommended by users.

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