Today, we will start to download tango for pc. Just like other messengers out there even Tango is mobile messenger with its own benefits. It is the one which simply allows you to make free as well as unlimited text messages and also the video calls along with the audio calls.  So it basically sums up to this that while you are having the Tango for your communication purposes all you need to have is a working internet connection.

Tango for pc

Features of Tango For PC

Tango for pc makes the life easier for texting. This particular application called the Tango is available for multiple operating systems. It is available for the androids, iOS, Symbian and also the windows phone as well. This particular application Tango is credited for having downloaded for over 200+ million times. It is also reported to have over 160+ million users. By the statistics itself we can figure out the popularity of the application. It is clear proof that many users in this world have preferred this particular application to stay in touch with their friends, families and loved ones.

Now one of the common feature of free Tango video chat app is that just like the other popular messengers like Whatsapp or Viber, here too you need not create any profiles. All you need to do is to just verify your phone number once. There is absolutely no need to log in each and every-time you need to use the tango application.

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Now, as soon as you have verified your mobile number, Tango will soon find out the friends that are using the application like you. Hence it creates the platform for both of you to communicate.

In many cases people get quite interested to use these messengers in their laptops to communicate. But due to lack of knowledge of the installation procedure many could not do it. We will be providing the detailed description on how to install the application.

Wiki about Tango For PC

Here is the wiki link. Now this particular application has some of the best features in its store. The amazing features make it to stand out from the other messengers.  Not only you can do some individual chats but also you can engage nearly fifty members to form a group and then chat. You can easily do a video chat using this powerful application and that too for free.

While you are in a video call you can also engage yourself in the sideways with your favorite games. You can listen to your favorite tracks while using the application all powered by Spotify. As a matter of fact, this application has also received the best communication award as well as the best texting award in the year 2013. Not only that but it also got numerous good ratings from the various app stores.

Coming to the user interface of this application, it is indeed simple and smooth as well. As a whole the application is indeed loved by the users. You may note that the Tango for PC is actually available officially so there is absolutely no need to use any emulators while trying to install this tango on pc.

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Download Tango For Mobile

 Download Tango For Android APK 

Download Tango For iOS 

Download Tango For Blackberry

 Download Tango For Kindle 

Download Tango For PC (Windows 7,8,8.1)/Tango for Laptop

You can also download tango video chat for Windows 8 and wondows 8.1.

Tango for PC Download Free

Steps To Install and Download Tango for PC


Step1: All you need to do is to download the Tango installation package into your computer system. After you have downloaded the installation package you just need to open the tango and then click on the install button.

Step2: After the installation is completed a mobile screen will pop up into your screen. You need to fill up a form and then submit it. You need to verify a certain code which you would be getting in the tango for pc.

Step3: Fill the necessary details as shown in the screenshot.


Step 4: Just after you are done with everything you can start using it.

so, what are you waiting for, just fireup your video chat with tango for pc free download.