Facebook Desktop on Android: While the phone variant of Facebook is optimized for mobile devices, it lacks some of the features and functionality available in its own Desktop version. You’ll find various methods to Get Desktop Edition of Facebook on Android telephone or Tablet.

access desktop version of facebook

By default, Android Phones and Tablets provide access only to the mobile variant of Facebook. Even if you open facebook in android with the internet browser in your own Android cellphone, you will be immediately redirected to the mobile variant of Facebook.

Does Facebook Mobile Version Give All Features?

Since, the mobile version of Facebook doesn’t give you all the features which are provided in desktop facebook version.

How To Access Desktop Version of Facebook on Android Phone or Tablet?

Now, To access those features you will need to get desktop version of Facebook in your Android. By following facebook desktop guide to open Facebook web version on phone.

Now, I had been asked to update content on Facebook Brand Page for which you’re admin. Now, If you’re an admin. Many if the features s are unavailable when you are using the Facebook For Android compared to desktop facebook.

When you see Facebook at a web browser, click on facebook shortcut it redirects to mobile version site.

In order to access the desktop view, We have provided certain way to access facebook desktop view on android.

Methods To View Full Desktop Version of Facebook on Android

There are numerous ways to access facebook desktop view on android. We are going to discuss easy methods to get desktop facebook on android instantly.

Method 1 – Direct Link Trick

  1.  Get your mobile device and navigate to Login to your Facebook on mobile. Do the login details by putting necessary details on login page..
  2. Now type “https://www.facebook.com/home.php” in your browser, then select “Go“. Be sure you type the URL it exactly as I specified. {Don’t forget to add www in the URL. Because. facebook.com/home.php will redirect you to the mobile version of Facebook}
  3. The full desktop version of Facebook is displayed in the browser.


Method 2. Using Browser Request

For Chrome Users

  • Open Chrome browser.
  •  Visit Facebook.com
  • Then tap on the icon with three vertical dots from the top right corner.
  • Afterwards, tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’ from there.

facebook desktop

For Safari Users

  • First, open Safari Browser
  • Type in URL Facebook..com.
  • Tap the options icon from the bottom of the browser, scroll to the right and then tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’.

safari users

Wrap Up: Facebook Desktop

Facebook Desktop provides all the features which are provided by Facebook desktop variant. Even though it’s slow facebook on Facebook Desktop and many of the features are unavailable. Still, Facebook Desktop Version are broadly used by several facebook geeks.

Facebook Desktop website used by me personally and all Android and iOS users in my facebook friend circle. Only you have to follow few simple steps along with procedures. Facebook Desktop website is one the best productive website i used on my device.

Is there a desktop version of Facebook Messenger?

No there is no certain

Facebook Desktop: Your Opinion

So this was about Facebook Desktop website. All 3 approaches to get Facebook Desktop website are easy and easy to use.

If you’d like facebook desktop website s then go to it that they are easy and simple to use. Hope facebook desktop website working for you without any problem.

I trust that you find our manual useful to start Facebook desktop variant on your cellphone. We gave three approaches to get Facebook Desktop Website in your own Android.