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Today, we will talk about the top 5 document scanning apps. I write about how to make the smart use of our day to day gadgets and the smart products worth buying.

Today I will tell you about the document scanning apps which you can use in your day to day life. Document scanning is something which we might require anytime all of a sudden. We might be required to take the photo of a document or save something.

Document Scanner – Scan Documents with Your Phone

So document scanners are important in our lives. I feel the app for scanning should be such that it opens and works faster. So let’s see which apps are the best. I have selected these top 5 apps on the basis of a number of reviews number of downloads and rating on playstore.

Fast Scanner:- Very Fast Scanning Multiple Editing Features

The app in Number 5 position is Fast Scanning. So this is the Fast Scanner App. It is a simple app. It doesn’t have a lot of features. But it will do all the normal things. It’s a very light app. It scans and optimizes photos quite fast. You can do normal editing as well. It has some filters which you can use. You can save your document in any format you want such as pdf or JPG. So this is a normal app which I have kept in Number 5.

Adobe Scan PDF Scanner, OCR

Ranked in Number 4 is Adobe Scan App. Adobe Scan App is a good app. To begin with, since this is an Adobe app it supports pdf etc.  A special thing about this app which, I’ve read and understood by using is that it has built in OCR Technology. OCR is Optical Connector Recognition.

By using this your scanned document has crystal clear clarity. So whenever you scan a document or a photo it will be crystal clear. I think you can attach the copy also. I tried to look for this feature but couldn’t find it. But yes the documents are clearly scanned. Multiple pages are scanned at one go and stored in one file.

If you want to do any colour correction in your already scanned pages you can do that too. So this was the application in Number 4 Adobe Scan.

Tiny Scanner

The app in Number 3 position is Tiny Scanner. This Tiny Scanner App has a feature which, I feel should have been there in all the apps. It is highlighted in this app which is whatever you scan in this app you can save them directly in Google drive or drop box.

I think this is a great feature. If you have an important document you can save it in your account on Cloud. So this was a good feature or USP of this app. It is a fast app. When I used this app I found it to be pretty fast. You can do colour corrections and other edits in this app too. So this was our app in Number 3 position Tiny Scanner.

Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

The app in position Number 2 is Microsoft Office Lens. So to begin with this is a Microsoft app. The biggest advantage that I felt and looked quite magical to me is if the document is kept like this and if I click the photo like this

Photo of the document comes straight like this. Which mean that and when it shows you like that you can see everything as if you have taken the photo like this. So I thought this is the biggest advantage of this app. I don’t know what technology they have used that no matter which angle you take the photo from it will be clear.

This app of Microsoft has another advantage which is we use a lot of apps of Microsoft in schools and offices. This is considered to be a good app to use in schools and teams. The rest of the features are normal such as editing etc. You can store the documents in your Microsoft account. So this was our app in Number 2 Microsoft Office Lens.


Now let me come to app Number 1 Cam Scanner. So the app in Number 1 is Cam Scanner. It is also my personal favourite for the last few years. This app has scanned all my important documents.

The app has storage facility. I had bought the paid version as well. It was very good too. But the free version is good enough. I want to tell you about a fact of this app.

This is the only app out of the top 5 apps on Play Store which has more than 1 million reviews. The second app Microsoft Office Lens has 330 000 reviews which is 1/3rd of 1 million. So you can imagine the popularity of this app. This app can do anything. The best thing about this app is that it is a very light app.

You can capture photos easily of single or multiple documents. You can edit them. After using this app I never thought of trying any other document scanning app. So I personally recommend you to use this app.


  • Which scanner app is best for Android? | What is the best mobile scanner app?

Camscanner is the best and free android scanner app.

  • Are there any free scanner apps?

All the apps listed above are free scanner apps.

  • Can I use my phone as a scanner?

Yes it uses your phone camera to scan apps.

  • What is the best PDF Scanner app for Android?


  • What’s the best free scanner app?


Wrap Up: Best Mobile Scanning Apps for 2019

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