PodMode is an application that lets users connect their iPod speaker with the aid of a DIY cable to android and iOS devices. This way you will be able to control your music and play device on the go. There is so much fun that you’re Smartphone can provide you with. You just need is a compatible software. There are plenty of features which you are going to get with this amazing app.8655801365_fe73c8a7df

This feature is great for all those who are having just iPod connector, but want to hear your own music list. With the aid of the Pod mode you can replace your vehicles build in units. This will definitely require little help and efforts. After the connection has been made you will be able to get rid of the bad sound quality and fighting with the static and will be able to listen to your own music.

What are the requirements?

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If you are a gadget freak you will love this process and here are the hardware and software requirements explained for you. Make sure that you have all of them to enjoy PodMode in your vehicle and make your journey more enjoyable and exciting.

  • Android 4.0.3 OS devices comes with android open accessory framework built in but some manufacturers take this feature out
  • Those who are using FT232D or PL2303X serial chip will require USB OTG
  • OTG feature is not required if you are using FT311D or FT312D chip
  • There are custom made DIY cable or adapter is available which is made of certain components(order it online)
  • For Hyundai vehicles HC05 Bluetooth feature can be used
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These are the few requirements which you will need to activate your PodMode.  These are easily available in stores if not there are many online retail stores from where you can order them and these will be delivered at your doorstep.


There are plenty of features which you are going to get such as there is no root required, you can control and play media in the third party app or just plug and play. Just make sure that all the connections are set up accurately. There are two modes simple and advance remote modes and both of them are having their own features such as

Download PodMode

Advance mode

  • Your audio interface will work with this mode
  • On the system screen display of songs
  • There is a notification bar available

Simple remote mode

  • Clock and speaker mode works with the mode
  • There are support buttons with the aid of you can control and play media files

When you will unplug USB the app. will pause and you can quit. This app can support thirty pin accessories that can only play analog audio but not digital.

These are the features and requirements which you will get with the PodMode app. After installing the hardware and software which is very simple and easy you will be able to play music of your Smartphone devices.