We are covering solution to google play error 120. There is a huge list of errors that are still unsolved by google till date, this is because of variant in android model, i guess. It’s not new error, but google have no time solve these small errors. Usually, this error arrives while installing  new android application from playstore or installing updates for applications or games.

google play error 120

Where Google Play Error 120 Arises:


This error is mostly found in low end devices , for which google really dont care. When you try to install any apps or update any apps you are facing

 “error code during application install: “-120″

No need to worry, follow the tutorial to solve google play error code 120. There are very few updates comes for low end device. Most of such devices ROM is modded by manufacturers.

Why Google Play Error 120 Arises:


Now let’s see why this google play unknown error 120 arising in your device. This is because, your phone does not support installation of apps through playstore. No matter, it was supporting previously but, not right now. It is one of the Google Play Store Errors.

How to Solve Google Play Error 120 *SOLVED*



So first let’s check you device whether it supports google play store or not? [ here ]

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If your device is included in list, HURRAH!! Just update your play store to next version. Google Play Error 120 error is solved.

METHOD 2: Solve Google Play Error 120 (Screenshot)

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Application > Manage Applications> Play Store.
  2. Now, you can see the Clear Cache, and Clear Data options. Click on both of them respectively.
  3. Head back to the home, and reboot your phone.



This will solve you error google play error 120, but in case it hasn’t, then your phone is too old to support playstore. Read our article to install android apps without playstore here to get apk file for android. Let us know more solution to solve google play error 120.