There are many android backup apps available in market but most of them root access. Usually people dont skimp while taking backu up of pc but bother incase of android device. Here we collected android backup apps without root and with root. Google your friend alredy synchronizing your contacts, messages and all. Even facebook automatically takes the backup from phone, store online in private category.

android backup apps without root access


There are mainly two types of android backup application


A. Android Backup Apps Without Root Access

B. Android Backup Apps With Root Access


Android Backup Apps Without Root Access


Most of the users don’t know about rooting. One more thing people try to avoid rooting device, because it voids warranty. Here is the list of android backup apps  which can take backup without rooting your device. Ready?

1. Super Backup


My most favorite first which is my third love ­čśŤ first one is —– and second one is androidfantasy :). I never felt any problem while using it. It allows you to take backup of calllog, sms, calendar, bookmarks etc. You can save the complete zip over drive, dropbox or pcloud.

All of the functions works fines except call log. It got some problem due to some root files i guess. The important thing is, it’s free to use with small ad on downside which is ok!

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Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

super backups

super backups screenshot

2. App Backup & Restore


Here is our next Android Phone Backup App. This app is mostly used to take backup of android apps and you can get apk backup also. As you can see in the screenshot it shows the list of all ainstalled apps. The main features of this app is you can take backup to sdcard, backup to cloud, backup on phone memory and restore it in the same manner.

This app is free and free from ads. It gives all the information about apps including install date, version, size etc. Storage use information including ram usage is also visible. It is one of the Best Android Backup App

App Backup & Restore Free Apk 

App Backup & Restore (1)


3. My Backup


It is the most simplest app which works with one click functionality. It comes with 5 functionality

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Manage
  • View
  • Schedule

You can store the backup in sd card, drive or any cloud provider. You just need to set up password for the first time. It comes with 30 days trial use without any hassle. You can easily take full android backup without root access.

 My Backup 



Backup Android Data Without Root


You can easily Backup App Data Without Root with these applications. Stay tuned soon we will update this list of Android Root Access App. LEt us know some more android backup apps without root access.