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🌦Best Weather Apps For Android 2020| ☔ Free weather widgets to Download Apk

weather can be unpredictable and unprecedented, it comes with a lot of surprises especially when it’s the rainy season than it can destroy all your plans before you even step out of your house

Then come to the thunderstorms and even heavy rainfall which is very risky if you are unknown of such situations

So to save yourself from such unpredictable weather I am going to show you some of the best Weather apps for android 2020 and which you can use to make your plans according to how the weather will be

Best Weather Apps 2020

there are numerous apps that are used to check the weather but I am going to show you the best ones which are ranked higher among the best weather apps in 2020

1] The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is the weather app for Android and iPhone. It Brings a Blend of meteorological information like wind, temperature, and visibility on an hourly and daily basis

It maps applies the hottest radar data to demonstrate occasions, rain, and serious weather alerts to the weather. The Weather Channel’s societal sharing features allow the user to tweet, upload videos, images, and photos.

Get it for free on; Android and iOS

2] Accuweather


Accuweather is a weather program that provides weather information such as minute-by-minute and hyper-local predictions. The program caters to the foundation, which is incorporated with the calendar daily to the weather predictions.

Accuweather covers the majority of the locations within the planet. It features information to be exact. Aside from upgrades, the weather program caters to weather events for example thunderstorms snow, high winds, or tornadoes.

Get it for free on; AndroidiOS

3] 1Weather


1Weather is a free app for Android that has a simple, yet beautiful interface which is making the weather tasteful and enjoyable.

The 1Weather provides real-time worldwide predictions & alarms with it’s UI connected with a strong set of weather tools.

The program features; real-life regional weather and predictions for just about any location around the Earth, 7-day extended prediction and precipitation information, Hourly forecast and precipitation information, Animated sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and Lunar period and a lot more!

Get it for free on; Android, iOS

4] Today Weather

Today Weather

Those of you will like this program due to the motif. A lot of effort was put into the design of this Today Weather to make it look as great as it will. Information visuals and colourful icons are set against a backdrop which makes everything very easy to read at a glance.

The UI for Nowadays Weather succeeds where weather apps neglect. It is the layout of the illustrations that make all of the difference when delivering lots of data. In only a few seconds you’ll be able to get the data that you’ll need about your weather and forecast.

Get it for free on; Android, iOS

5] Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo weather program supplies daily or weather details and is among the weather programs using a user-friendly interface.

Map surfing with choices like radar is provided by yahoo Weather. Nevertheless, it remains out of giving info, which is an issue for a number of users out.

Get it for free on; AndroidiOS



NOAA provides accurate weather coverage. The program is able to offer radar images and weather conditions that are serious, making it one of the best weather apps for both Android and iPhone.

If the user goes for the premium subscription, he could avail additional services like alerts for an infinite number of saved locations, lightning tracker with timely radar alert precision precipitation forecast option, and much more.

Get it for free on; AndroidiOS

7] RainAware


Thanks to RainAware app, you can save your day, although rain can be a damper that is real. RainAware app is designed to track the stripes of rain and storms. Since the program is capable of providing the path and the estimated time of storm and the rain it is tracking is outstanding.

This weather program works as a savior whenever the user is near a water system, especially in the coastal regions. It provides storm prediction and rain, making it the best local weather app.

Get it for free on; Android, iOS

8] WeatherBug

Weather Bug

WeatherBug is a weather app that is very old, but it’s still a great selection for Android users. It claims to be powered by the”world’s largest network of skilled weather stations.” Some of the qualities in WeatherBug you won’t find in other apps include pollen count heat index and UV indicator.

Get it for free on; AndroidiOS

9] Dark Sky

Dark Sky

The consumer needs to enlist location data to extract elaborated or comprehensive data concerning climate change DarkSky has.

It’s among the weather apps that are commonly used around the world. Dark Sky is an entire package of delivering weather upgrades. It does an interface and reports, which are generally based out of consumer feedback.

Get it for free on; ANDROIDIOS

10] Weather Underground

Weather Wiz

Weather Underground is the program on the listing, but it is already one of the best choices on the market. The design is fun and playful whilst still offering a lot of weather information that is fantastic up.

The information is provided by the IBM Weather Company, which is not something you’ll find in weather apps. Provide the kid on the block a try if you’re tired of those old standbys.

Get it for free on; AndroidiOS

Here are some more weather apps which as helpful as the above one

11] Emergency Alerts

12] What the Forecast?!!

13] RadarScope

14] Carrot Weather

15] StormRadar

16] Awesome Weather By YoWindow

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As we have seen some of the best weather apps I can tell you that these apps will definitely help you guys to understand the weather and then after that, you guys can accurately plan your trips and save yourself from the dangerous thunderstorms.

Note; These apps that I have shown you are equal and unique in their own way please don’t judge the Weather apps on the basis of numbering and now you can enjoy the weather even before its coming.

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