Android is the most famous Operating System for smartphones nowadays. With the launch of the new and improved version of Android Lollipop, the OS became all the more popular among the masses with more than 60% of people around the world using this OS.

But without an active internet connection, an Android device, or as a matter of fact, no OS would be able to serve much. If you don’t have an active Data plan on your smartphone, an alternate might be connecting to a Local Wi-Fi for the purpose of connecting to the network of networks.

The various methodologies to connect your Android device to the Wi-Fi- Hotpot for PC are mentioned below.



You might have read the option of “Tethering” in the Settings of your Android device, and might have wondered what that option did! Some of us even weren’t able to conclude the thing it is used for even after using it. So clearing the doubts of many, Tethering is a way of connecting your Android device to an active Internet connection. In your Android device, there must be three ways through which, you can transfer data from your device to your PC or vice-versa are mentioned below.

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. USB

Though any of the above methods can be used to transfer data, but our aim lies in connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Though USB tethering is also a widely used method for connecting to Internet, we will be focussing on the steps to be followed to connect your Android device to a local Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Create Wi-Fi Hotspot On Android Device


The various steps involved in connecting the Android device to your PC using a Wi-Fi hotspot are mentioned below, in a simplified manner.

  1. Go to “Settings” of your Android device and choose “Wireless and Network” option.
  2. This will prompt you to reach an option showing “More Settings”. Click on it  and choose “Tethering and Portable Hotspot” option which is available in the menu that pops up.
  3. There will be a small button on the right side of the option showing “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”. By default, it’s turned Off. To enable it, just tap on it once as the button slides over to the Right side indicating a Green colour.
  4. To configure the settings of this hotspot like the name of the hotspot or the password needed to access the network, press and hold the “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot” and click on the “Configure Portable Hotspot” option.
  5. The window that appears provides with options of changing the password that the other person would need to connect to this network. You can change the password, leave it as default, and can also view what the password is by checking the “Show Password” checkbox.
  6. The next step would be switching on your Laptop’s Wi-Fi and clicking on the “Networks” option present at the right side of the Notifications area on the taskbar.
  7. The pop-up menu will be showing the name of your Android’s Wi-Fi. Simply click on the network and choose the “Connect” option. A window asking for the security pin will come. Punch in the password as was mentioned on the Android device and you are good to go.
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You can also tether your device with your PC with the help of Bluetooth and USB services, which also have similar steps to be followed. So you can choose the option that you feel most comfortable in using. The task is not difficult and you can access Internet in a very few simple steps.