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{Official}✅Download Samsung USB Driver v1.7.31.0 | Samsung Driver

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Samsung USB Drivers Permits You to connect your Samsung Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows computer without the need of installing the Samsung Kies Program. Additionally, it Permits You to Flash Samsung Stock Firmware on your Samsung Device.

A USB connection remains an essential PART of an Android mobile or Tablet. Even though the cloud computing age has started and easily allows you to talk about sync, and move files within the cloud. However, the service has its own downfall right now and is still not widely adopted yet. We have really stepped up the match Smartphones, have designed them more powerful and functional.

Introduction To Samsung USB Driver:

But there is one thing which still has a crucial role & that is a USB cable. It has been shown to be the most effective method to link your mobile to your PC. Once linked, you are able to move files to the storage, then launch an ADB connection or simply you can charge your mobile.

If you wish to connect your phone and see the files/documents onto it, then any Windows PC will automatically download the essential driver. You will then can easily look at your Samsung device in Windows Explorer.

Samsung USB Driver 

How exactly does Samsung USB Driver work?

To use Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones, simply unzip the file, and follow on-screen instructions to install the drivers. You will need access to a Windows user account that has administrator rights. You can then use devices like the Galaxy S5Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S4 in your development application. It’s important that your Android app works well with Samsung devices, and this driver will assure you can test it without problems.

To use Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones

  • Just unzip the document & follow onscreen instructions to install the drivers.
  • You’ll require access to some Windows user account that has administrator rights.
  • After that, you can use devices such as the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S4 on your development program.
  • Samsung USB Driver will guarantee you about your Android app works nicely with Samsung apparatus can check it without issues.

Specification Of Samsung USB Driver:

Publisher SAMSUNG
Release August 11, 2019
Version V.,v1.7.11.0, v1.5.51.0, v1.5.65.0
Rating 8.9
Category Drivers
Subcategory USB Drivers
Operating Systems Windows, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10
Additional Requirements Nothing
File Size 15.67 MB
File Name SAMSUNG USB Driver
Total Downloads 82,346

Good & Bads:

Over here we will be going to look for some merits & demerits of Samsung USB drivers

Following are the Merits: 

  • Portable- Flash drives are small in size. This makes them easily portable. You can attach them to a keychain or put them into the shirt or trouser pocket.
  • Memory- It can carry between 1 to 128 GB sized data. If you would like to use a flash drive to back up software then you need a larger size. In case you’ve got large heaps of information, you should purchase USB drives around 32 GB and over.
  • Transfer speed- The mentioned version of USB drives has transfer data at a speed of almost 4.8 gigabytes per second. Its far great speed compared to that of SD memory card (312 MB per second)
  • Compatibility- This is the conventional choice to connect all storage and electronic devices to your computer. Aside from that, we’ve got the double purpose USBs which could examine memory cards.

Some of the De-Merits are as follows,

  • Security- At some amount, security is the weakness of this USB Driver. This weakness may expose all of your data, irrespective of previously developed authentication programs.
  • Physical size- Sometimes your strengths can be your weaknesses just like that USB flash drives may also have its own weakness. Because the driver is designed to be as small as possible for assisting portability, it also means that they are much easier to lose.

Download Samsung USB Driver Here:

The latest Samsung USB driver available for download is various version. The USB driver linked below supports Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

  • Samsung Driver v1.7.31.0

[epcl_button label=”Samsung Driver v1.7.28.0” url=”” type=”outline” color=”blue” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”do follow”][/epcl_button]

  • Samsung Driver v1.7.11.0

[epcl_button label=”Samsung Driver v1.7.28.0” url=”” type=”outline” color=”blue” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”do follow”][/epcl_button]

  • Samsung Driver v1.7.0.0

[epcl_button label=”Samsung Driver v1.7.0.0” url=”” type=”outline” color=”blue” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”do follow”][/epcl_button]

Download Samsung USB Drives for different models here,

Older Version Of Samsung Drivers Can be download from following links

To Install Samsung USB Driver on Windows PC

Step 1: Download Samsung USB driver zip file from the above-mentioned link

Step 2: After download, extract that file using archive tools eg. WinZip or 7Zip.

Step 3: Open the extracted folder with the name (Samsung-USB-Driver-v1.7.11.0). You will get the executable file (.exe) over there.

Step 4: Now, tap on double-click on “Samsung-USB-Driver-v1.7.28.0.exe” to start the installation.

Step 5: When you advised for User Account Control, tap on “Yes”.

Step 6: The installation will get started now

Step 7: Select the “Next” option.

Step 8: Choose your language & country then tick on “Next”.

Step 9: Select the installation location as {C:\Program Files\Samsung\USB Drivers}

Step 10: after, tick on “Install” to install Samsung USB Driver on your Windows PC.

Step 11: Once complete, click on “Finish” bar.

Restart your PC once Driver installed. After restarting, User will be able to download and install Samsung USB driver their PC

If you really want to see the Video tutorial then I have provided you with a link of youtube video below, 

Little Extra Gain On Samsung Driver:

  • Is Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones free?

Yes, Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones is free to download and Set up. It does not need any initial payment or payment to unlock some other attributes, nor it includes other forms of payment.

  • Is USB Driver for Mobile Phones safe?

Yes, this USB Driver for Mobile Phones is secure for your desktop or laptop so also on your Samsung device. It will not include any harmful applications and is suitable for the user of all ages.

  • What platforms is Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones available on?

USB Driver for Mobile Phones is available on the Windows PCs, moving as far back as the Windows XP operating system. It’s not accessible on desktops or laptops running Mac OS X or macOS.

  • Does Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones work with both mobile and desktop devices?

 USB Driver for Mobile Phones is designed to be installed on Windows computers however so as to use the app, a Samsung mobile device running Android Is Essential.

  • Can I view what’s on my device with USB Driver for Mobile Phones?

No, you can’t see your phone’s contents using USB Driver for Mobile Phones. because It’s particularly used to test developer apps on Samsung devices. For users to see what is on their phones, an app like Samsung Kies is suggested.

What separates Samsung USB Driver from other drivers

There are so many drivers are available in the market of different brands HTC, Motorola, Sony, Oneplus, LG & So on…

but In case of most of the manufacturers, USB drivers get fail to work or needs some workaround to make them work on your PC but that’s where Samsungs USB Driver perform strongly instead of getting failed just like other drives.

Conclusion: Samsung USB Driver

Here we came across all of the advice about Samsung USB driver. I believe after knowing all of the significant aspects I’m fairly sure you will be very desperate to purchase proposed USB Drive.

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