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Improve Your Channel’s Brand by Designing a Thumbnail

Thumbnails are very much important for a YouTube video and hence a YouTube channel. Designing or making a video is one thing but you should know that the secondary things like banner making, icon designing, watermarking and thumbnail making are more important for a channel.

A thumbnail is the only thing on your video that will attract the users on the platform to watch your content. You should know that a thumbnail works in the same manner as a logo does to attract customers towards your brand.

A thumbnail is a small picture/gif representing the content in the video, and now you should know that a thumbnail can be and cannot be a part of the content in the original video and that is why it is suggested that you make the best choice after looking into the demands of your audience! Now below, we are going to provide you with the tips and tricks that can help you design a thumbnail that will improve the visibility and branding of your business!

Tips for making the best thumbnail designs

Here are some of the essential tips that will help you make the best thumbnails for your videos.

Only use Relevant pictures

You should know that if you want to make the best thumbnail for a video, then you should simply add an image that is relative to the video. It is indeed up to you to add a picture that is part or not a part of the video, but you should know that it is still very much important that you add a relative image in the content. If you don’t add relative images, then you should know that it would affect the business of your channel as users feel cheated when you add a completely different image in a thumbnail.

YouTube thumbnail size

Now, as far as the concern of size exists, you have to be very specific and careful in designing the thumbnail as the thumbnail is going to be viewed on desktops, tablets and even on mobile devices. If you use a thumbnail maker app, then you can get a lot of help in this regard, but you should still know some of the tips to design the best thumb!

  • You should always take into account the original picture size.
  • The original size that is recommended by the search engine and YouTube is 16:4, and the pixel quality should be not less than 1280x720Px
  • If the space of the thumbnail is remaining, then you should simply find a way to utilize it!

Technical details

You should know that for thumbnail making you have to take care of the technical details. You must know that even if you are using a thumbnail maker app, it is still important that you arrange the format in .jpg.PNG, GIF, and also in BMP format as all of them are acceptable by YouTube and are also recommended to be used by the search engines. You should also know that the size of the thumbnail should always be less than 2Mbs! The best thumbnail maker can help you through these small issues!

Color selection and choice

Now, as we have told you earlier, the thumbnails are just like logos, and as you prepare and set the colors on a logo, in the same manner, you should set the colors in the thumbnail. You should know that colors define and send different messages to the users on the web, so you have to be very careful in what your thumbnail is conveying to the users on the web.

Never leave a white space

You should know that leaving white space in the thumbnail is very unprofessional and looks very weird. If you want to improve your business, branding and views, then you should simply make sure that you are consuming all the blank space on a thumbnail. You can add graphics and colors with the help of a thumbnail maker app to fill in the gaps and the white space. There will be a cooler look at your video and our overall channel!

Using titles

You should know that titles or descriptions are very much important to be posted with the thumbnail and on the thumbnail. A simple image will not do the job, and you have to add some slang text for a short description that can build an interest in the minds of the users. If you use the best thumbnail maker apps or tools, then you can easily get help in adding text along with the image. You can also use template designs by the YouTube thumbnail maker application to make the best and quality thumbnails for your channel.

The better the thumbnail would be, the better would be the organic traffic on your content!

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