Cables bring a lot of hassle sometimes. A lot of wires make it confusing for you to decide which one belong to which. There are some apps using which you can transfer data to your Android device using WiFi. Bluetooth 2.0 is slow as compared to Wi-Fi thats why people prefer Wi-Fi over bluetooth. In this techie generation everyone wants high speed to save time. Wireless file transfer for android has become need. Today in this post we are going to share some of the best android apps for transferring data over WiFi. These are the best android Wi-Fi apps.

Best Android apps for transferring files over wifi

List Of Best Android Apps For Transferring Data Over WiFi

Software Data Cable

The first app which makes to our list is Software Data Cable. First and most advantage is it is freeware. You need to install this app in both the mobile. It almost supports all the version of android. It has also ability to sync PC. It is reported that it is one of the fastest app among all the the apps use for transferring data over Wi-Fi. No need to carry data cable with you. Even you can transfer 700 MB movie within 10-15 minutes. I personally use the same application.It is one of the best free android file transfer application. You can download this Wi-Fi Free App at following link.

Download Software Data Cable


The Second app which makes to our list is AirDriod. You can easily transfer files from one network to the other using AirDroid. Turn on your Wifi and you are ready to make transfers. AirDriod is free to use and there are no limited number of transfers in this app. AirDroid is available for free at Google Play store and you can download it by visiting the link below.

Download AirDroid

WiFi File Explorer

WiFi File Explorer is somewhat similar to AirDroid if you want to transfer with the help of network. However this app lacks some of the features which are available In AirDroid. Upon opening up the app you will receive an IP address which you have to type into the web browser of your computer. Once you have typed the IP Address a web page will be opened which will work as a file manager for transferring files from your computer to your Android smartphone wirelessly. With the help of WiFi File Explorer you can copy multiple files at once.

Download WiFi File Explorer

Solid Explorer

The fourth app which makes to our list is Solid Explorer. This is not a just file manager, but an explorer which will help you to transfer data over WiFi and FTP to your Android smartphone. You can access the entire hard drive of your system with the help of this app from your Android smartphone. You can transfer files by creating a FTP connection. Open the file sharing option and you will be provided with FTP details. Upon using these details you can easily transfer files from your computer to your Android device. You can try the 14 day free trial and if you wish to buy the premium version you can get one by paying $1.99.

Download Solid Explorer

I hope you enjoyed reading best android apps for transferring data over wifi. If you know more applications which allows Android Wi-Fi Transfer between two gadgets. Let us know your views on this via comment section.