If you want to run Android apps on PC you need Android emulator for that purpose. There are a lot of android emulators which you can use on your PC. Android-Emulator is only solution to run android app on PC.

5 best emulator to run android app on pc

Earlier only developers were knowing the emulators because normal human was not able to use and understand the emulators. As emulators gained huge popularity, thus many companies started manufacturing emulator to run android app. Today, in this post we are going to share the top 5 Best Android Emulator for PC.

List Of Best Android Emulator For Computer (Windows and Mac)

1. Bluestacks


The first Android emulator which makes to our list is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is available both for MAC and Windows Operating systems. You will get a lot like Android interface in this software. You can easily run your games and apps on your computer using Bluestacks and also save them in your computer. This is one of the best android emulator used all over the world.

Download Bluestacks for Windows OS

Download Bluestacks for MAC

2. You Wave


The second software which makes to our list is You Wave. You will get the full Android like interface in your PC using You Wave. This software works well and you won’t see any lags while you are using this software on your computer. The downside of this software is that this software is a paid software and you will only get a trial period of 10 days. Still you can run android app on PC for 10 days. Here is the little trick use different email id on each registration.

Download YouWave for Windows

3. Native Android Emulator

Native Android Emulator

The third Android emulator which makes to our list is Native Android Emulator. If you want to use this Emulator on your PC, you need to install the entire Google Development Kit first on your PC. Once you have installed if, you can install Native Android Emulator on your PC. The downside of this app is that there is no quick access available to Google Play.

Download Native Android Emulator Windows

4. GenyMotion


The fourth emulator which makes to our list is Genymotion.Genymotion is the old name if emulator manufacturing company android vm.  Genymotion is available for three operating systems which are Mac, Windows and Linux. If you want to install Genymotion, you need to install virtual box first as Genymotion gets all its resources from virtual box. One great feature of this app is that if you want to test the GPS usability of any app, you can do it with the help of GenyMotion.

Download Genymotion For Windows, Mac, Linux

5. Jar of Beans

android-emulator-jar-o- beans

Jar of Beans is android emulator which is based on Jelly Bean operating system. Most of the developers prefer to use this software. In this software you can install the apk files by using some special buttons and you can also create your very own virtual SD card.

Download Jar of Beans For Windows

Download Jar of Beans (Google Drive)

Hope you enjoyed reading 5 best android emulator to run app on PC. Let us know which one is best android emulator for you. If you are already using them, tell us merits and demerits via comment section.