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▷10+Best Gender Swap Apps For Android & iOS 2020 | 🥇How Do You Face Swap On Android?

As technology has improved, the cameras of smartphones have become more advanced. It has, in turn, brought about innovations in Gender Swap apps. For those who don’t exactly know what it is that Gender Swap apps do- they enable you to switch faces with a photograph in real-time or a buddy.

The image generated is at times surreal and sometimes amusing. Let’s check a few of the face swap apps for both Android and iOS out.

Best Gender Swap Apps of 2020:

Before starting list there are few FAQ where you will find answer to your all questions related to gender swap apps.

Q: What is the best face swap app?

A: Face Blender and Face Swap are the best apps according to me.

Q: How do you face swap on Android?

A: Along with each we have given the tutorial to use face swap app.

Q. What app is everyone using for aging?

A: Most of the people using oldage faceapp.

Q: What apps change your face?

A: Microsoft Face Swap, MSQRD. Facebook-owned AR app, Face Swap Live, Face Swap Booth, Snapchat.

1.Face Blender

The very first app on the list, Face Blender is a humorous poster founder app with which you can blend any image and your own face. This app is very easy and user-friendly and it’s easy to figure out controls. Just click an image and select a template to blend your own face. The program has over a hundred templates that range to a gymnast from an astronaut.

The program adjusts your face’s angle and orientation also automatically finds the face in the template. With the addition of an image from even the Gallery app or the Camera Roll if the templates are not enough, you may create your own face swaps. Face Blender is absolutely free of cost gender swap app available on the Play Store.


2.Face Swap (Developed by Microsoft)

This application stands out from all the other apps in a way that only this app allows you to swap your face not only with someone else’s face but also an inanimate object. It could be anything- an image of a ball, clown, utensils, stars, etc. Yes, that’s correct- any and everything.

In this application, all you have to do is click a new picture and then scribble on it a bit. After that, you will get a space to type in words, wherein you have to type the keywords to view an image from the web with which you can swap your face. It can be anything- an astronaut, an animal, a star or perhaps a wall. It adjusts the feel and skin tone. Sounds easy, I expand and will rotate my head to fit his framework, if it doesn’t align properly?

The app is well built and the face switch via automatic isn’t perfect for every image you can manually align the images to match the different frame sizes.



FaceApp is a photo editing program that permits you to employ a lot of interesting outcomes. You are able to see in case you were younger, or how you’ll look like in older age, or if you had a grin! You could assess if you’re of the opposite gender, how you’d look.

Accessing and exploring FaceApp is quite simple. All that is required of you to do is choose a selfie-and click any of the buttons shown at the bottom of the snapchat screen. The only problem that you will face is that the image is sometimes not realistic.

The most amazing part of the app is it uses an AI program that helps to change or swap the pictures. It assesses the photograph and imposes the results that are selected on it.

FaceApp is one of the funniest photo editing apps that let you make adjust your images. After processing, you find yourself with funny results to have a laugh at and you can also share them on social media.


4.Face Swap

Face Swapping unlike its own title does not more than face Swap. It’s an image editor with lots of filters and features. You can do some simple image editing such as include decal text, crop, correct, color correction, etc.

You may manipulate pictures and then swap faces even though the masks are encouraged. Clone face is a fascinating characteristic which clones a face within the picture which produces results that are hilarious.



Snapchat is one of the best applications that offer face swap perhaps alone, or with someone else in your image or video from the camera roll. You have to just open the appl and once the camera is open, wait till you see the mesh lines on your face. This is how Snapchat analyzes your face. Now, there are options below and you have to select the face swap option from there. You can swap your face with someone in real-time or can upload a picture from your photos or gallery. You can save the picture on your device by tapping o the circle in the bottom with the face swap icon. It’s possible to take photos ranging from funny to unflattering with Snapchat and download it on your phone.

Update: Snapchat is an app that keeps updating its filters and frequently adds exciting and new filters that take over the world wide web very quickly. You have to be an enthusiast and check the updates frequently.

Some folks have complained about the performance of the program on Android mobiles. That said, there are programs out there that offer these attributes as programs. Let’s check out those.


6.Face Changer App — Cool Photo Editor

You can download Face Changer App — Cool Photo Editor to get Android for free and find the chance to create hilarious photos with family and friends and earn a replacement of the face in the photo within this program.

You can”put your face onto another body” and change your face with the face of your friend, relative. Face Changer App — Cool Photo Editor allows us to create funny faces by altering the eyes, nose, and lips along with the colour of the skin.

The most talked abut feature of this app-Face Swap from Male to Female also provides you a chance to create funny collages and photos of yourself. You can save the resultant image in the phone gallery and view it.


7. Upic Gender Transformation Face Changer

Upic Gender Transformation Face Changer features lots of gender make-up styles. You only have to click once on the screen to view the transformation and see the result.

How it functions

  1. Select a picture from your gallery
  2. Choose a design from makeup effects that are available.
  3. Or you can also edit pictures yourself with the help of beauty photograph editor (alter the shape of lips, eyebrows, adjust smile, whiten the teeth, get reddish lips, eliminate eye bags, alter skin color, hairstyle and so on).

The application filters to change your physical appearance and have many settings. As it performs its functions 21, Even Though the program Isn’t popular, but nevertheless worthy of being on the list.


8.Face Changer Photo Booth

Gender encounter changing is a new fad in social networking, and it’s time for you. You can now download Face Changer Photo Booth for free on your android device and create funny and interesting pictures of yourself.

A face change changes your head and this leads to fun photographs.

In addition to the face changer feature, in addition, it lets you add your solo selfies and photograph filters. For instance, you can mix no child or celebrity and your face to create a picture that is funny.


9.Face Swap Booth — Face Changer

Face Swap Booth — Face Changer is a very common face swap program.

This program is available for iPhone and Android users. Still utilizing its performance it can be done, although it does not represent a specialized program for changing the sex in a photo.

Therefore, for instance, you can combine one person’s eyes with another individual’s mouth on any photograph, or perhaps offer a beard to yourself… The possibilities are infinite.

You can face swap dwell with your friend in real-time. It’s quite funny to see yourself as a friend of the opposite sex.


10.Gender Swap Filter

Gender Swap Filter is one of the newest apps that is desired and used by people who like to experiment with looks and are ready to create interesting looks of themselves Gender Swap Filter is a very simple application to use.

The program functions the same and doesn’t stand out in any way. Change your face using Artificial Intelligence with stickers and picture results in 1 tap.


Conclusion: Free gender swap apps for Android & iOS 2020

All the gender swap apps and face swap apps are in a great trend nowadays, as the world is getting more gender-neutral. It’s fun to see imagine how would a person look in an opposite gender and these apps make your imagination a bit easier by creating an image for you in only a few clicks. I hope this article serves your purpose and you enjoy Gender Swap apps.

If you have any query or doubt related to Gender Swap apps, you can always let us know in the comments section below. Someone from our team, at Android Fantasy, will surely get back and help you resolve your issue.

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