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11 Best GPS Navigator Apps For iPhone and iPad | Download GPS Apps For iPhone and iPad

In this article let us discuss some of the best GPS Apps or GPS navigator apps for iPhone and iPad. Gps naavigation has become the need of this generation. If you are not aware about any place or any adress with the help of these apps you can catch your destination with zero cost. GPS navigation for iPhone, Android, Symbian play vital role for getting knowledge about certain parameters like distance, time.etc of any place. SO we made the list of gps apps for iphone 2014.

List of Top 11 Best GPS Navigation Apps For iPhone and iPad

1. Google Maps – Free GPS App for iPhone


Google Maps is actually the voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation app that is exclusively developed by the Google. You can simply discover new places along with the tour cities with 360-degree street view and also sign in to locations. Using this particular app you can also save the past searches and also the favorite places. You can even get the live traffic updates and also find some public transit, biking and even the walking directions.

2. Waze – GPS Navigator App for iPhone


Waze is basically a community based mapping and navigation app that is developed by Waze Inc. the Waze actually features voice guided navigation. It also learns about your frequent destinations. It does have the capability to report any accidents that might have occurred, any road closures and even more. You can simply earn points each and every time you contribute the road info and you can actually move up the ranks. This is one of the best gps app for an iphone.

3. AT&T Navigator iPhone App

With this particular app called AT&T Navigator the users can actually find the places instantly. You can use this application to quickly search and find the lowest priced gas. You can also browse the restaurant reviews. You can also get to about the traffic wherever you are. You can simply get alerts whenever the new accidents pop up so that you can reroute around them by just one tap.

4. Mapquest

Mapquest is the fourth Navigator app in our list. It is a voice guided turn by turn GPS navigation app which is developed by the AOL inc. You can easily search for any nearby restaurants, explore the new places and also look for the gas stations. Mapquest displays the live traffic conditions and would also reroute you around the traffic jams. You can simply share your current location with your friends using various means like email, text messages along with the Facebook and the twitter. It can be used as Navigator GPS App for iphone, Android, Windows 8 Phone.

5. The Transit App

Transit App is the fifth in our list. Transit is a navigation app that is developed by the Samuel Vermette. With this particular app called the Transit the users can easily find the schedules for nearby public transit route. You can access schedules and itineries while you are offline. This wonderful app actually works in 37 cities which includes some of the names like NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago and much more.

6. Scout GPS

With the Scout GPS the users can easily avoid getting stuck into the traffic. You can easily see the traffic based commute times, street level traffic and the nearby places and also much more. The users can easily report the traffic congestion, police, road hazards and also the accidents. You can even discover new restaurants, with the food, live music, movies and also much more. You can also save your favorite routes and also get the personalized GPS voice guidance.

7. GPS by Telenav

With this GPS application by Telenav users will simply be having turn by turn directions. They can even find new places and also search the nearby gas prices and see the daily traffic to save the time. The users have the option to upgrade to the paid version. After the users upgrade to the paid version they will be getting voice navingation, real time traffic, any speed traffic and also the red light cameras.

8. Here Maps

Here Maps is actually a voice guided step by step navigation app developed by Nokia. Here the maps offer user public transit, biking and waling directions and navigation. Discover new restaurants, shopping centeres and also sights.

9. MotionX GPS Drive

This is actually a voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation app developed by MotionX. You can easily search for restaurants, gas stations and also the local businesses. You can simply share your current location with your friends via the Facebook or twitter.

10. Glympse

With this application you can easily share your location to your friends and also with your family members in real time. You can send a glimpse via email, SMS or even by the facebook or twitter.

11. TomTom

Using the TomTom navigational app the driving part will never be easier. The best feature of this particular app is that it not only works online but it also works offline. This also saves you a lot of money on data roaming cost. You would also be having constant access to the same apps.

Let us know your views on list of gps navigator apps for iPhone. Enjoy downloading GPS apps for iPhone.

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