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Instagram , is by far one of the most used most downloaded, media(photo or video) sharing app. It is a platform where users can upload photos/videos and get acknowledged by their “Followers”, who tend to have keen interest in their latest social happenings.

Users show their appreciation in Instagram through following three ways

  1. Like
  2. DM
  3. Follow/Unfollow

‘Like’ is an option that gives an appreciation to any media file, shared by users. ‘DM’ stands for Direct Messaging which allows you to direct message to your friends or followers. ‘Follow’ is a term used when a person shows interest in someone’s profile and click on “Follow”. The main motto is to witness and get noticed about every photo/video one chooses to share or comes across in Instagram. Well, it does sound much like subscription.

The success journey

Instagram is created by Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger on October 2010. Later it was developed (or acquired) by Facebook in April 2012 for a whopping 1 billion Dollars in today’s date. In 2010, when it was launched it gained instant popularity, with over one million people in just 2 months as its users, and the number rose up to around 800 million  by September 2017. The USP (Unique selling point) of Instagram has always been its regular updating of its GI-Interface to challenge the overall outlook of itself and that makes it to stay connected with any generations coming. A proper innovative example can be “Stories”, where any individual can add photos, to 24 hour in form of temporary story day. In today’s date, there are over 40 billion photos uploaded in Instagram and around 300 million stories having uploaded by religiously following users. It is one of the sensations of digital media sharing world where users connect each, irrespective of place or time.

Fame & Controversies

Instagram, however being an amazing application does invited many controversies. They came in the form of patent rights to censorships, filters etc. We know there is no restriction in any form to users to upload their media file (as long as it is not violent). In some cases users do tend to upload such raunchy content, which doesn’t become an “apple of everybody’s eye”, so it does gather unnecessary attention. These situations make them vulnerable to be questioned especially about morality of this overall application.

“hastags”, is one of the popular term which is to make or get attached to a trend  by putting a “Hash#” ahead of the title of your photo or video. Now here users can attach themselves to certain “Hash #, by sharing the same title to their individual files. As a result, when any user clicks on that particular, you will directly get access to all the media files (photos/videos) collection which is attached to it of every person. It is one of the easiest ways to get popularity over internet, besides Youtube.

Deactivation Procedure

Now, although it is acquired and developed by Facebook, it has similarities and differences with their counterpart.  Facebook, is the single largest online platform where users connect to each other, through various form of texting, media upload, Post, Memes, etc. Here the interesting or weird part is that it is a one way ticket for users which means “You can enter anytime, from anywhere by anybody, but you cannot totally leave it”. In Facebook, the main issue regarding deleting your a/c is, you cannot do it but you deactivate it, where your profile will not be visible.

Thereafter, contents will not include your name in others friend list and messages, which you might have sent to any active user. Unlike this, in Instagram, you can permanently delete your account, with all of your content gone or temporarily disabled. Your photos/videos, comments, likes will not be visible until you are live again, so the following procedure will show you, how to temporarily disable your Instagram account:

Steps To Delete Your Instagram Account (From App)

  1. First of all, log onto your, via web
  2. There will be a icon in shape of “Person” , in the top right, click on it and select, Edit Profile
  3. Click on 3 dot and the select “Help Center”
  4. After that click on “Managing Your Account”
  5. There will be many options, you have to scroll down to the option”Delete Your account”, click on it.
  6. Now, you are the last stage, where there will be various options, in a drop down menu to tag name” why you disabling your account?” here, you have to enter your password again. Note: You can only disable if you have selected any reason from the dropdown menu.

Steps To Delete Your Instagram Account (From Web)

Well, now Deleting your Instagram account, means, erasing your profile, videos, photos, comments, likes and followers. For that you have to land on instagram delete account page. The process to do it is as follows:

  1. Log onto your Instagram account, through Website ( you cannot do it through application).
  2. Go directly to the Delete your Account page. (delete instagram account permanently link)
  3. Select the reason from the dropdown menu, why you want to delete?, then re-enter your password.

Note: You can only delete if you have selected any reason from the dropdown menu.

Click on Permanently Delete Account.

Now, if you happened to forget your user id or password, then no worries, you can still log into your account:

  1. Click on forget id/forget password.
  2. Give your email address, for account recognition, where they will check the validity of the user.
  3. Required info , will be shared to you through mail, whether, it is your username or password.
  4. Note it down, now click on the link given in mail, open with new info given and will directly, logged into your account.


Instagram, itself is one of the modern day addictions which tempt its users by offering them virtual world appraisals those might not be true real in physical world. Filters on photos, intentionally using Graphic content to attract many followers are few shades those hide the truth from it. So, using it up to fair and limited potential is safe. Otherwise, it is just destructing as anything, regardless, being in a virtual world. Now you wont be searching for instagram deleted my account again.

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