Dual Boot Your Android Devices With Ubuntu

How exciting it would be if we have a desktop operating system on our tablets or Smartphone alongside android? You will get excited by the idea of having a portable Linux by your side, it is going to be amazingly useful and today more and more devices run on Ubuntu. Ubuntu for Android Devices is available in very limited devices.


Nexus 5 handsets can install Ubuntu Touch which is a mobile version OS Linux- it is available since 2013. This device supports nexus 4, galaxy nexus, nexus 7, nexus 10 and nexus 4, and in the same months since this launch of alpha release, the operating system has also been improved little by little to add stability and features. Here is a step by step guide that will aid you in installing Ubuntu on your nexus handsets, but since the additional 2013 devices have been introduced to the list of supported phones and tablets.

Devices which run on Ubuntu

Although there are only few nexus devices that can run Ubuntu touch, many other devices are having OS ported to them. If you are looking for whether your hardware is suitable for Ubuntu so you can find it on Ubuntu wiki.  There are some ports on the list which are not hosted by the popular Ubuntu. When you will review the list, and match your version. This is an age  of  multiple devices  and gradual iterations with the similar name, it can  be easily confused  to download a ROM from B device  only  to find that the version we are looking  for is the older and can be bit different because it can be device A.

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As with the Nexus Ubuntu touch, these are the versions for the Ubuntu renamed for the device is still the stage of developer preview. Also consider that this is not ready for a great time yet, this is the reason that dual boosting is a better option here, and it is also a part of installation.

Install Ubuntu in an easy way – Dual Boot Android Ubuntu

Dual booting is a different thing and earlier you have learned to flash a new ROM for android.

While when the initial Ubuntu Touch was released the dual boot application for Ubuntu installation was only possible with the aid of Ubuntu Computer, but no it is possible in just few minutes to get a flash of the OS.

How to Dual Boot Android | Dual Booting Ubuntu

Look in Ubuntu Wiki where you will find some specific steps for your device. Before moving on, make sure that the device must have a boot loader and it should be unlocked. Some of the devices also needs S-Off for setting. You should also create a copy of Android in case installation fail. This will aid you in restoring your data fast.

USB debugging is also important which you can achieve by,

Settings >developer option > USB debugging.

If these options are not visible on your device open about and then tap on the build number  7 times. There you will see developer mode application notification.  The original installation will demand 2.7 GB free space for storage. So in such a way you can Dual Boot Android Tablet/Mobile.

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