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Now as we all know in this modern era the Internet world is basically saturated with huge numbers of torrent leaching services, but now you have this particular android application which is an Online storage manager with all its unique storage functionalities  to change the entire idea of torrent downloading. is a new but extremely powerful file streaming application service which is going to offer you the premium service of cloud storage along with the added ability to download the media or the data from the popular networks which includes the torrents as well. You must be well aware by now that the Cloud Storage has indeed become the most advanced, reliable and also trusted form of Data Storage where you no longer need to worry about losing any of your valuables which basically includes all your personal data which you hold very close to your heart. The most common way of losing the data is because of your Hard Drive failure which you need not worry anymore in this case. As long as you have your seamless Internet connectivity and your application with yourself you can indeed access all of your data at one place. It can indeed be considered that is really one of the best and trustworthy Cloud Storage Service provider or in short CSS that you can trust totally.

Even with the latest advancement in this field of file access there was still something that was lacking. arrives exactly at that point to fill in the void. It is indeed a unique combination of torrent downloading from the popular sites as well as premium cloud storage service. It may be at times possible that because of the copyright issues some of the torrent sites may be blocked by the ISPs, but other than that there should not be any problem. Even if in any cases you are facing any such blocking issues then the can definitely help you since because it is completely an http downloader. You need not worry about the blocking any more.

We need to realize that is quite different from other regular cloud storage service providers, which basically provides the premium file services at one place and that too without any hassle and also at unbelievably low prices. is actually quite new and its administrators are continuously working and trying their best efforts to enhance the user experience by  working for and providing the best of facilities and services to their customers at an affordable price. As a matter of fact they have well managed to gain the user’s trust by providing them 24/7 premium support in case of any problems.

Let us come back to one of the most important question that why do we need to opt for well as every single individual wants to work remotely the concept and the application of the Cloud Service has become quite popular. Cloud Storage has indeed became the most efficient and trustworthy medium for the data storage. It is because of this Cloud Storage services that you no longer have to worry about losing any of your data because of any issues related to hard disk or any other issues.

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The combination of seamless internet connectivity along with the power of is no doubt the best Cloud Service that anyone can experience. So let us just summarize the need for

  • is going to provide you with the best of 24/7 customer support exclusively for you. The executives at their technical support are always ready to provide you with the best support and guidance whenever you need to.
  • It is connected to 3 of the biggest European IP Backbone providers.
  • You can simply access all your files from wherever you are and that at any time. All you need to do is to access through the Web Browser or by using the official app in case you are having your very own Android phone.
  • You would be receiving a quick email notification on completion of any events such as completion of downloading any file.

Therefore if at all you are looking for any all in one complete solution for all your cloud storage services and also the file fetching services then is absolutely the right choice for you. It would be an enriching experience once you give it a try.

 Some Of The Features Of

Let’s discuss some of the best features of

1. You can simply watch any videos that you like in your tablet without eve downloading it to your respective HDD. In case you are not having enough place on your tablet but you want to watch movies on it this particular application would be simply your best choice. You need to remember it is ideally for the tablets and phones running on Android 2.3 and above.

2. You can even stream your videos from the app to your Smart TV.

3. Webstorage

Basically webstorage will be offering you with free file storage with simply no time limits at all. It would simply be providing private and confidential data storage so that no one can ever have any type of access to your secure and private files. You would also be getting secure encrypted SSL connection for all of your personal storage with proper flexible storage plans.

Let’s say that there are some files that you:

  • Want to have total access from wherever you are and even whenever you want. Those files are very important for you and more important is that you should have anytime access and anywhere access.
  • Simply do not want to keep them locally.
  • Would want them to be securely and privately in someplace safe because they are very private to you and also very important. The files need to be as secure as possible.

And the web storage gives you:

  • Absolutely free file storage capacity. There are simply no time limits.
  • Total personal, private and secure storage without any compromising. Nobody can ever see your files obviously except the system administrators and the other related people in charge of maintaining the system of the application.
  • A secure and encrypted SSL connection for your personal storage.
  • The flexible upgrade plans.
  • The high speed multi stream download access to each and every file of yours.

4. File Fetching

This particular aspect allows you to download files from the internet by utilizing the virtually unlimited bandwidth unique to IP connection. It is going to provide you file downloading from the internet directly via the URL from the torrents.

So the can

  • Download the necessary files from the internet just for you.
  • Utilize the virtually unlimited bandwidth of their backbone IP connection.
  • Even download the files from the internet by the list of URLs provided.

File Fetching Service:


  • Would allow you to fully utilize all the possibilities given to you by the unrestricted internet access. The management responsible for are well aware that there are ISPs that restrict the usage of certain services in their networks. They work accordingly.
  • Will download all your files from the most popular network resources. There is absolutely no extra payment for it.
  • Is never going to charge you for downloading your own file to your local device.

Some More Features.


There is a friendly robot belonging to which will be sending you E-mail notifications on every event of your choice such as any download completion of any of your files. They have the 24/7 customer support who are always ready to support you in times of your needs. They also provide 100% private secure storage. In simple words it can be said that the really proves itself and is indeed the best application that one can use to get the CSS.

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