Hide WhatsApp Stuff From Your Gallery 

Today’s tutorial will explain how to hide whatsapp images and videos in gallery. There are some irritating friends and they like to disturb our privacy and then we are forced to block them for some time, but in friendship we cannot take any harsh step. As an easy way you can now hide your personal data on your android phones and keep your noisy friends away from disturbing you. No one wants other people to get indulge in their personal life. We use lock apps to hide our WatsApp account, but still our WatsApp stuff is available in gallery like videos and pictures. You can lock your gallery as well with gallery lock, but this will increase more curiosity among your friends and people nearby you. So what should we do?

There is one solution instead of locking everything up hide your WatsApp folders and you will be amazed to hear that there is no need to get a third party app.

Hide your personal stuff – How To Hide Whatsapp Photos

First of all you will need a file manager application to have access to the directory of WatsApp in your SD card. Download ES File Explorer.

  • Get it installed, open it. Reach “watsapp’s media” folder. You will found  it Home>SDcard>WatsApp>Media

Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

  • Under it you will explore a sub folder ”WhatsApp images”

how to hide whatsapp picture

  • Create a file called .nomedia and hit OK. You’ll get a toast saying that .nomedia has been created.


  • Now go to gallery and you will find no watsapp’s video and images.
  • To get back the “Whatsapp Images ” folder install QuickPic App from playstore. To see the whatsapp images folder click on “show hidden files” and set it to ON.
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Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery


Note: Now if you wanna see the whatsapp images folder in gallery app. Just delete “.nomedia” file. Whatsapp Images folder will re-appear in gallery. Wipe your cache and reboot the phone, things will work smoothly.

How To Hide Photos from WhatsApp and Gallery on Android

How The Things Works?

Android is Linux kernel and by adding a period in front of the android and watsapp’s folder will get hidden. This trick can be easily used for any of the folder that you don’t want it to be on gallery.

Tip:-by default, configuration of WatsApp can switch to automatic installation of the images directly on your smartphones. In case you need these images you can also disable them.

Hide your stuff on iphone – Stop Whatsapp Images In Gallery iphone

  • Iphone users follow privacy settings> images> turn WatsApp off
  • It is simple and easy to hide WatsApp images on iphone.

Experts also suggest that you disable gallery app or install quickPic which is an better alternative to all the applications available to lock your gallery. Now you might be wandering why? Well, it is a pretty good option because this app has an inbuilt option to hide images. In addition it is a faster way to hide your stuff and is also having a better user interface, then the photo or gallery app.

These are the two simple ways by which you can hide your videos and images on androids and iphone without the need of installing any 3rd party app. It will just take few minutes to secure your privacy.  No, one will even doubt that your WatsApp stuff is even present there. This is the best way to keep irritating people away who are curious to know what you are hiding from others. Now, you can easily hide whatsapp images from gallery.