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✅How To Fix Nvidia control panel missing option| 5 Best Methods to Solve Nvidia Error 💯

At some point or the other users report to face or encounter any problem regarding their Nvidia graphic-card setting and one of the most common in them is related in order to fix Nvidia control panel Missing option in your setting. Nvidia control panel allows you to tweak your Nvidia designs card properties and change the setting according to your needs.

However, if the notification is gone from your warning plate symbol, work area setting menu or even the start menu, then this might be a great trouble for an outsized number of events. You don’t need to stress; our team is here to offer the right answers for this issue. So without further ado, let’s jump into today’s Blog.

This issue Nvidia control panel missing option may be due to the fact of undermined realistic card driver missing vault key point from the setting, and this issue may likewise emerge from the new updates of the Nvidia graphic card. Not only as we said before that this error is fixable but some proven methods are listed below so that this error is rectified as soon as possible.

Various Methods To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options

As per our research, we found that there are a couple of techniques that you can simply use to repair this issue of the Nvidia control panel missing option and its alternative. Our team researched and checked all the arrangements which will work for our avid readers.

In our speculations we’ve recorded all the arrangements from fundamental investigating to the propelled strategies which will help in repairing this issue and obtain back the Nvidia control panel on your work area after using these tricks. So without further ado let’s get started with the various method that can pull you out of the problem for Nvidia graphic card.

Method 1: To Unhide The Nvidia Control Panel On Your PC.

As per critics and reviews the possibility maybe there that due to the update of your Nvidia realistic card programming the setting of the graphic card may possibly have changed, which brings away Nvidia control panel from your computer.

Here are some straightforward strides and proves to repair this Nvidia control panel missing option issue and convey back your missing Nvidia control panel to the previous setting and enjoy your gaming experience once again.

Step 1:

All you need is to Go to Control Panel option available in the setting option. One can also Press Window+R key together. This will help in opening a Run box and it will appear on your computer screen. In the run box type Control and hit Enter to open the command window of your PC.

Step 2:

Browse into the Control Panel option and then change the view option to Large Icons and double click on the Nvidia Control Panel.

Step 3:

After executing the steps given above Nvidia Control Panel window will appear, and here you need to look for Desktop in the menu options. Then you need to select both Add desktop context Menu and Show notification tray icon options from the drop-down menu before moving on to the further steps.

After performing the above steps, you need to go back to your PC to check whether the Nvidia Control panel appears in the desktop context menu or not. If not then you need to head towards our method 2.

Method 2: Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options by Restarting Nvidia Services

If the first method didn’t solve your Nvidia control panel missing option problem, then we recommend you to restart the services of your NVIDIA graphics card on your PC in order to restore the previous features and settings of the Graphics card. You need to follow these basic steps which help you in restarting the specific services provided in the initial settings of NVIDIA.

Step 1:

The user first need to Press Window+R keys, both at the same time. A run box will appear on your screen and in this run box you need to type services.msc and press Enter button.

This will initiate a new window which will appears that shows all the services that are currently running on your PC. In this list of services carefully look for the NVIDIA services and then click on each Nvidia service one by one and restart them by clicking on the Restart button. If you find any of the Nvidia service which is not running right now, click the Start button to run it again.

After working on this the user now need to restart your PC and then check whether this method works for you to solve the Nvidia control panel missing option. If this method doesn’t work and nothing happens, we recommend you try the next one. So the above method doesn’t prove fruitful then you need to try the third method.

Method 3: Solution from Nvidia Support For Missing Instrument Panel:

If you consider the report of your critics and experts, these above arrangements will work impeccably fine for most of the audience who are finding a solution for the Nvidia control panel missing option.

In case, a couple of audience despite everything announced that they’re confronting an identical issue another time. Thus, there may be a lasting account for this issue from Nvidia Support. You would like to follow these fundamental bits of advice given below to solve your Nvidia control panel missing option. Hence follow the steps given below:

  • Open My Computer and go to the Disk where most your system files are located. The system file is by default stored in C drive, but if the user has changed the setting then they need to do that accordingly.
  • Now follow this Folder path: Program Files (x86/x64) or Program Files >> NVIDIA Corporation and then Display.Nvcontainer file. Then you need to proceed further.
  • In your Display.Nvcontainer folder, you will see a file named NVDisplay.Container, select this file and Press Ctrl+C to copy this file. The user now needs to go to the Startup folder and press Windows+R key at the same time, a run box will pop up. Now, type shell:startup and press the Enter button.
  • This will open the startup folder, you now need to paste the copied NVDisplay.Container file. Now go the properties of the NVDisplay.Container file that you pasted in the Startup folder and select Properties option.
  • Now a Properties window will appear, click on the Compatibility tab and select the Run as administrative option to give the admin rights to the NVDisplay.Container file. Now click on Ok option to apply these settings.

After following the steps which above steps, user then need to Restart your computer to apply all these changes and most probably you’ll be able to see the NVIDIA Control Panel on your desktop context menu and notification tray of your PC.

Method 4: Reinstall The Nvidia Graphics Card driver On Your PC.

If the third method is not applicable to your PC, our experts believe that this can be an alternative option for our viewers to fix the Nvidia control panel missing option. Most importantly, in this method you need to carefully focus on the steps given in this method.

The user needs to press Windows+X simultaneously and at the same time search for the Device Manager alternative and click on it. This will open a tool Manager window; during this window, you would like to search for Display Adapters. You need to Right-click on the Graphic card driver and choose Uninstall from the alternative options. This will expel the Graphic card drivers from your framework. After the uninstallation, you need to go to the Nvidia Drivers Webpage to introduce a replacement duplicate of the new refreshed driver that underpins your Graphic Card.

Along with these lines, cautiously select the item type and item arrangement to download the high sort of drivers for your Graphic card. Once downloaded, Install it on your framework and then head towards restarting your PC.

After restarting your PC, you’ll locate that the Nvidia control panel missing option has currently appeared in your work area. If the chain of the above ideas didn’t prove to be useful, don’t worry be still got 2 methods left which will help you for sure. So without wasting time, let’s jump to our next method.

Method 5: Manually Launch Nvidia Control Panel

Here is another method for those readers who are so far confronting the Nvidia control panel missing option over and over and still are unable to resolve it. Viewers can fix this issue by physically propelling the Nvidia instrument panel and this can be done by dispatching the Nvidia control panel physically. So in order to do this, you need to follow all the steps cautiously as given below:

The user or individual needs to go to main menu and open My Computer and head towards Local Disk (C). In neighbourhood drive (C) search for the organizer named Program Files (X86) and open it.

In this file you will discover an organizer folder named as NVIDIA Corporation, and when you open this envelope, you will find a subfolder named Control Panel Client. You need to left click on the icon in order to open the Control Panel Client organizer at that point scan for a document titled nvcplui in the specified folder.

Presently by right-corner on the document, run nvcplui record as ahead and while executing this a new menu will pop which will open the Nvidia control board window, and presently you can get to all the customization controls of your realistic card. In this pop up you need to look for nvcplui.

Select the nvcplui record, Right-click on it and select Create a Desktop alternative. Presently, you can’t stretch open the Nvidia control board legitimately from the Desktop and ultimately your problem will be solved. If not, don’t worry we have the last method for you.

Method 6: Reinstalling Nvidia Control Panel to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options

The only last possible method that you can try is reinstalling the Nvidia Control panel application from the Microsoft office store. Here are the simple steps to reinstall this:

  • Go to the Start menu and then look for Settings options in the start menu. Now Click on the App option.
  • Now select App & Features from the menu on the left side and type Nvidia control panel in the type bar.
  • Now, from Microsoft store download a fresh copy of the Nvidia Control Panel and install it.


From the above methods, we are clear with how to deal with issues regarding Nvidia graphic card and especially for Nvidia control panel missing option. All these above methods are tried and tested by our Team expertise. We expect that the above methods can fix your problem. For more interesting technical inquiries and keywords, keep your eye on Android Fantasy.


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