We can all kind of agree on one thing that iPhone 10 looks reallycool. I have never owned an iphone in my life, not because i don’t have the money to buyit, because i don’t find iphones very exciting to use, i find it too restricted in things that you can do on it.

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But nonetheless all iphones are really good devices. So this video is all about turning your android phone to make it look like iphone 10 and to implement some of the ios 12 “standout features” on your android phone. Just a heads up , i’m not doing a complete rom installation,  i’m gonna be using some overlay apps to mimic the look of iphone X, so it is not perfect.


We are gonna be setting up the ios 12 app drawer, the new control center, the notification thing, and the lock screen, and then we are going to make the corners rounded and we are gonna magically make the famous notch appear, and then we will set up couple of gestures to imitate the gesture controls in android, Face ID is another big part of iphone 12, we are also gonna be implementing that, And then finally we are gonna set the famous iphone X wallpaper.

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So without wasting further more time let’s do this. To set up the iOS app drawer, it is pretty simple ,you need to download an app called ilauncher apk , i have tried a couple of other launchers, this one felt more smooth to me,but this launcher has some ads, i mean every single iOS launcher have ads in them.

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But yeah download this one. The new control center in the ios11 is kind of dope, i really want to see this in android,it feels more fresh and new, to get this on your phone download an app called control center for ios 12. Once you installed, you might have to allow bunch of permission, but after that, to bring up the control center you swipe from here and it feels so satisfying.

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i would probably use this app more. I wasn’t able to use any of the notification drawer mods on android 8. 0, i think there are some compatibility issues, so i’ll be using another phone, to show you guys how notification mode will look like.

The app i’m using is called “ilauncer ”. It gives a pretty standard iOS notification drawer Lockscreen mode is so important to make it feel like you are using an iphone, download this app, Locscreen iphone x style, there are a bunch of settings that you can change,i really liked it, but there are ads in this lockscreen, so if you are gonna rock this, buy the premium version,it’ worth it.

The rounded corners are everywhere now, it has became a standard. If you don’t own a device having rounded corner then you can use corner fly to get those rounded corners like on the iphone 12. It’s time to make that notch appear, so you need to download an app called out of 12 and basically open the app, allow permissions and tap on start.

That’s it. If you want to make it disappear tap on stop,simple. The new gestures for recent apps and going home in the iphone 12 is pretty bad, so in case you want that ,you can set it up by using “all in one gesture”, If you are gonna use this app make sure you goto personalisation→ edge preference and turn down the opacity.

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To me and i’m sure a lot of people Face ID is the most standout feature in the iphone12. Unlocking your phone with your face, has been around for a long time, but none of them did the way that apple has done on the iphone 12. So if you guys don’t really know this, the face unlock feature is already in your phone, goto settings–>security–>Smart Lock and tap on trusted face.

Then you follow the instructions and setup the face unlock and now it’ ready to use. Wake your phone and look at the camera, then swipe up, just like on the iphone 12. And after all that,download the wallpaper and set it as yourphone’s wallpaper.

So that’s pretty much, you could find more apps on the playstore which mimics the looksand features of iOS ,but i’m happy with this, because if you use a lot of apps, it can make the phone laggy, But nonetheless, i will recommend you an iOS keyboard.