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Instagram Limits And Strategies Update 2017 | IG FOLLOW LIMIT | IG LIKE LIMIT | IG COMMENT LIMIT

Instagram limits and strategies update 2017

Instagram is a web-based photo sharing service spread across all mobile and desktop platforms. It allows users to capture and share or upload pictures and videos online either publicly or privately. It also provides its users with the ability to apply digital filters and add locations through geotags on their images and videos. The name ‘Instagram’ is derived from the fusion of the words instant camera and telegram. Today, we are going to discuss instagram limits of likes, follow, comments.

The Initial Beginning:

Instagram was created in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in October of 2010. Initially, it was launched as a free mobile app which was exclusive only for devices that ran the IOS operating system. An Android version of the app was released almost two years after its launch followed by a web interface for desktop and mobile apps for devices operated by a windows system.

Instagram quickly rose to fame soon after its launch and attracted almost a million registered users in the first two months, followed by 10 million registered users in the first year.As of the year 2017, it is reported that Instagram has well over 700 million registered users out of which 500 million are active each month.

In just a span of 7 years, people have shared over 40 billion photos on Instagram, which is 4 times the total population of human beings on Earth. It is also estimated that its users are now sharing an average of 95 million photos and videos each day that receives around 4.2 billion ‘likes’ daily.

What’s that new interesting update? : Instagram Limits 2017

IG Follow Limit and Unfollow Limit :

With its solid growth over the years, there have also been a lot of improvements and updates in workings of the app due to the growing number of users and data. As of now, the following and un-following feature of Instagram has been made limited to the number of 160. This means that you can only follow or un-follow 160 people daily.

IG Like Limit or Dislike Limit:

Similarly, a user can only like or dislike a limited amount of posts in a given time. Currently, that number is 350 posts an hour. This update was put into place to combat the automated use of the service to garner likes. Excess use of the linking feature can get your account locked up.

IG Comments Limit per user

Instagram has also set its limits on the number of comments a user can make per day. Although these limits may differ for old and new accounts, 12-14 comments in an hour or a maximum of 250 a day is a safe number. These limitations have been put into place by Instagram to battle the increasing number of spams and automated tool usage by fake accounts.Also, these restrictions help in the smooth functioning of the servers without overloading them.


Instagram has also imposed its restriction on the use of certain hash tags by banning them. By using just one banned hash tag in your post all your hash tags for that post can become undiscoverable. Instagram has recently banned a total of 60,000 hash tags.

This was done by Instagram to curb the promotion of offending and explicit content on Instagram. However, most would argue about how banning the hash tag #DogsofInstagram can help the cause. Check out the link at the end of the article to discover more such banned hashtags.

Instagram was also the first one to introduce the use of hash tags to help users discover and share content easily. By adding hash tags to their post, users can link their images and videos to other content on Instagram falling under the same subject or with the same overall topic. Over the years Instagram has gained a lot of popularity for this feature and has led to a wide variety of the most used hash tags. Popular hash tags make it easier for people to look for photos and other media that is related to popular and trending topics including food, movies, clothes, places and other curated content.

Video feature

Although Instagram was originally just a photo sharing platform, it soon introduced a 15-second video sharing feature in 2013. Some would consider that Instagram took the step to incorporate the video feature to compete with the then popular video based service known as Vine. Instagram later updated their video feature with the capabilities of wide screen display and 60-second videos. Recently in February 2017, Instagram has again increased the video time limit to 10 minutes opening up new content sharing possibilities for people.

Are you thinking of Instagram Bots lately? Just hold on there

Most people do think of increasing their audience base and that’s when Instagram Bots pop up inside their subconscious brain. But do you know that having Instagram automation tools involved may put your account at a considerable amount of risk? The makers say the bots are designed to take care of the stuff that you supposed to do on Instagram by yourself such as Liking, Commenting, Following others etc.

But, they really do violate certain terms and conditions those don’t go so well with the platform’s authority, therefore, it may happen that you may end up with your account getting banned for ever. Most Bots access the application program interface (API) of Instagram which again crosses the yellow line. The platform rules say not to initiate more than one task at a time by any business but if the bots may hardly bother that. So, it is better if you can think of taking up some time to do the least tasks those should be done by you only, that too manually.

Conclusion : Instagram Limits 2017

Since its inception, Instagram has become a favorite of people for sharing moments from their daily lives online. It has also, in a sense, revolutionized the way people click and share pictures. Instagram has become a way of life, not just for people who want to share their experiences with the world. With its ever-growing fan base and constant strategy updates, Instagram has got itself to be changed in the world of expression and communication. So, Please folow instagram limits, IG like limit, IG comment limit, IG follow limit.

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