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*How* to Turn Off Last Active Status Last Seen on Instagram on Android and iOS | Hide Last Seen On Instagram

How to Turn Off Last Active Status on Instagram on Android and iOS

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp services, it had been solely a matter of once or however long it’ll take Mark and his team to implement the creepy WhatsApp Last Seen or Last Active feature on Instagram. those that use Instagram frequently. It had been introduced few day back. This Last Seen or Last Active via DM on Instagram is only available for those people who follows each other 


It must be noted that Instagram and WhatsApp don’t work unlike to each other, in contrast to WhatsApp don’t have any problem from people seeing my last seen. No matter what goes on within the DM on Instagram it must be kept within the DM. One should not be able to keep eye on our online activity.

I’m going to show you how you can see last seen status of people on Instagram and how you can switch it off for you so that your friends cannot see your last seen.


So let’s get started first of all you have to update your Instagram app to latest version. The latest version of the app is Instagram (92383) so as you can see that I’m on the latest version of instagram app.

You can just sign up for the beta by going down and just click on sign up for beta and then a update your app to the latest version.

Aother way is to go to your Chromebrowser and search for Instagram latest apk on Google and download it and install it directly on your Android device and you will be good to go.

After you have updated to the latest version what you have to do is?

How to Turn Off Last Active Status on Instagram on Android and iOS

STEP 1.  You have to open your Instagram app and hop onto your DMS so what you have to do is just open your Instagram app on your DMS and then


STEP 2. You can see that it will show you the active status like you can see that it shows active 13 minute ago, active 5 minutes ago.  

STEP 3. So, you can see that it is not showing active status for all the people, it’s because they have not updated their app to latest version. As soon as, they update to the latest version the will be able to see last seen status of all the people.

STEP 4. Another method to see last seen status of people. So what you do is you have to click on your story or just click on add story after that clickon send to and after that you can see that all the activity status of people there like active six minutes ago active one ago so this is another method by by which you can see the instagram last scene status of people


  • Now let’s disable this thing you have to click go to your profile and 


  • click on three dots


  • then swipe down and there you will find an option of show activity status. 

  •  Switch it off so as soon as you switch it off.The bad thing about it is that well you also won’t be able to see anyone’s last seen status also  noone will be able to see your last seen status


Congratulations! You have successfully turned your Instagram’s Active Status off. Now one is able to see your instagram last seen.

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