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Recover Deleted Files from Android {✅100% WORKING} | Android Recovery

“Data is the Most Valuable Asset”

Today’s tutorial is all about how to recover deleted files from Android Phone and the best way for android data recovery. Android is one of the best-operating systems because of the features and functionality of the operating system.

There are times when we accidentally delete important data of our smartphone. Sometimes we are not having any other place where that data might be present and the only option present at that time is recovering data from your Android devices.

It is easy to recover data from your PC, however, there is one way using which you can recover data from your Android device.

The Recovery tool which we are going to use is going to be Android Data Recovery. This is a paid data recovery tool for Android devices however you can try the trial version. It is available both for Windows and MAC operating systems.

Before downloading let’s take look at some feature of Android Data Recovery software

The Features of Android Data Recovery Software –

1. The files like photos, videos, contacts, messages, messages attachments, call history, audios, WhatsApp, files which are gone due to mistaken deletion, factory reset, system crash, forgotten password, flashing ROM, archiving, etc from Android telephone or SD card it Supports to recover all.

2. Before recover deleted files, It makes sure that the user will preview and selectively recovers deleted data from android.

3.  Android mobile system issues like black-screen, virus-attack, frozen crashed, screen-locked get Repaired which allows phone back to normal.

4. Data Extracted from broken Android phone inner storage or SD card easily.

5. Over 6000+ Android devices are supported including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, LG, Windows phone, etc..


Download the Trial version for Windows from Here,

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Download the Trial version for MAC from Here,

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Technics of Android Data Recovery  –

Android Data Recovery

There are two methods,

  1. Recover Deleted Files from Android without Root 
  2. Recover Deleted Files from Android External Memory (Without Phone) :

1. Recover Deleted Files from Android without Root :

Some users are looking for a method to recover deleted data on Android without root, however, we are sorry to tell you that it is actually very difficult to retrieve the deleted data unless the phone is rooted.  If you are searching for a procedure for Recover Deleted Files Android without ROOT, however, unless the phone is rooted, It’s very difficult to recover deleted files

So if you really need to get the deleted files back, My answer is Yes, A big Yes 😃😃😃

Yes, it is possible.

For Un-rooted android device, Using below-mentioned Apps, You can directly recover deleted files android


🤨If you are using a Un-rooted android phone, Then Use:

1. Dumpster:

A dumpster is a free Android recycle bin, for users prone to accidentally deleting device files and images. Once the recovery app has been downloaded, users can effortlessly undelete and restore device data.

[epcl_button label=”DOWNLOAD Dumpster” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”dofollow”][/epcl_button]

2. Diskdigger:

Diskdigger almost works the same as Dumpster but for Rooted devices, it has some special features.

[epcl_button label=”DOWNLOAD Diskdigger” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”dofollow”][/epcl_button]


🤨If you are using a Rooted android phone, Then Use:

1. Undeleter:

It’s awesome. You can also use it in  Un-rooted devices.

*** If want to recover more – like accidentally deleted contacts, messages, audio, video, documents or even Whatsapp messages, you have to rely on a pc software :

2. Wondershare Dr. Fone:

Steps to use :

step1. Enable Developer options

  • Go to Settings
  • Look for bout phone
  • Click on build number (7 times)

step2. By enabling “USB DEBUGGING” option, Just connect your android phone to your PC.

  • Go to Settings
  • Look for Developer option
  • USB debugging

step3. Follow the instructions displayed on your PC screen.

[epcl_button label=”DOWNLOAD Wondershare Dr. Fone” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”dofollow”][/epcl_button]

2. Recover Deleted Files from Android External Memory (Without Phone) :

Photos, files, videos, audio that you deleted are saved on an SD card, You might also recover that data from your Android External Memory, which takes two steps.

Just follow the given instructions,

step.1 – Stop writing or reading data on the SD card

step.2 – To recover deleted files in the SD card immediately, Use an android data recovery tool. You will recover deleted files from external memory.

For Example, Let’s take look at Samsung smartphone,

In this tutorial, we will be using a Samsung smartphone for android data recovery.

  • Before starting the procedure make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your smartphone.

For Enabling USB debugging on Android 2.3 or earlier go to Settings > Applications>Development > USB Debugging

For Enabling USB Debugging on Android 3.0 – 4.1 go to Settings > Developer Options> USB Debugging

For Enabling USB Debugging on Android 4.2 and more go to Settings > About Phone > Build number > Back to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging

  • Now you might have enabled USB debugging for different Android smartphones. Open the software and click on Start.
  • Clicking on Start will analyzing your device. After some time you will see on the screen of your smartphone asking you to scan. Click on Allow and then click on Start.
  • Now you will come across messages, photos, contacts, videos that were present in your Android device.
  • Choose the Recover option to recover the required data on your computer.
Let’s TAKE LOOK at some important FAQ’S,

 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) –

How can I recover my deleted files from the gallery?

Yes, it’s possible to recover deleted files in a secure gallery. In fact, it is possible to recover any deleted files out of Androids & devices. You’ll require a professional Android Data Retrieval App. Here’s a great one

[epcl_button label=”DOWNLOAD” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”dofollow”][/epcl_button]


How do I recover deleted photos from an Android internal memory?

When someone performs delete operation from any device, the reference of the file in the entry table is also removed by the systems. So If you want to recover deleted files it means you would like to make re-entry inside that Entry-Table. Users don’t have any direct system to recover deleted files cause Android Systems are concerned with much safety.

You have just two choices out there.

  1. Root your mobile, but since it writes a copy of the documents from the destination folder, the phone needs enough space to recover deleted files. You can install apps like DiskDigger to immediately recover your data without any external application.
  2. You can go for traditional way, Connect your mobile with PC on Mass Storage mode over  USB (direct accessibility of your storage to pc). To do so you have tools to use like Mini Tool Power Recovery or Recover your data into PC.

By this above mentioned simple ways, you can recover deleted files easily.

Ending the Article –

That’s it you have recovered lost data back on your computer. If you want to buy the complete software you can buy it from here. We are looking for free Android recovery software, as soon as it will be available we will post method. I hope you will succeed to retrieve deleted files on Android.

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