Sometimes we have to face unfortunate times in our life. We all love our mobile phones and one bad day we just lost it. This is the most disappointing thing that can happen to anyone, but not now Google has launched a phone searching app “Find My Phone”. This is a really cool app and now your precious devices will never get out of your site. Google has now made very easy for the mobile phone owners to find their misplaced devices.


There are s many apps available, but if these apps have disappointed you before, then you can rely on Google for sure. It is very simple and easy to use find my phone and you are definitely going to find your phone. When you will search your devices on find my phone it will constantly ring for 5 minutes and some other good buddy might be able to find your phone for you. Here are few requirements and how to use this new and useful feature launched by Google.  Make sure that you keep them in min because it is going to come handy one day.

What is finding my phone?

There are several apps available at play stores and iTunes which aid you in getting back your phones. But the only problem is that some of them are complicated and some does not work at all.  There are android device managers in your android devices and you might have used this feature. Find my phone as compared to ADM is very simple and quick.  Your apps should provide you with fast results before you lose all the chances of getting back your phone.

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How to use find my phone?

Step 1. As mentioned above it is very simple to use this feature launched by Google. You just have to open Google’s omnibox and type there “find my phone”.



Step 2. After that a map will display on your screens. This map will show the results were your phone is currently lying. But before that sign i to google account

find+lost+ phone


Step 3. Click on Allow button.

click on allow button


Step 4. Phone found with exact location and distance.

Capture (5)

You can also ring on your phone to find it. You can also enable lock and erase it. If you want to find your lost or stolen phone you will need ADM for that.

What is required?

There are few functions that users will require o get back their phones such as

  • Latest Google Android Device Manager version installed on your Smartphone
  • On your devices location service should be enabled
  • Your mobile data network should be activated
  • This function will only work on desktop browsers

You will need PC to locate your phone so keep this thing in mind. It is very simple and there are many who have tested find my phone. You can also try it right now on your desktop browser to see how effective it is. Make sure to tell your friends about find my phone so that they can to use this feature at the troubling times in their lives. You can locate different devices such as windows, androids and other OS devices as well.  Try it now to see the results for yourself.

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