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How Do I Delete Old Devices From My Google Account? | Remove Device From Google Account

How do I delete an old device from my Google Account? |  Remove Device From Google Account

Creating Google Account is easy, isn’t it?

In today’s world, if anybody wants to have diverse but quick solutions, he or she doesn’t have to gather a group of person and ask them instead, they can open up their PC or Smartphone,

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Type the questions, whose answers you seek. The default “search engine” attach to the browser, will provide you solutions, for you to choose.

There are many but the two major search engines, used worldwide, i.e., Yahoo and Google. Yahoo, being the pioneer in this segment, has provided immense knowledge about varied subjects, questions and current information from all over the globe. Google, even though came a bit late was offering the same kind of service, but the edge it got over yahoo was with its range of information and link-ups with every possible website of any enterprise, on this planet.

How To Open a Google Account

Google, has made significant advancements in the artificial intelligence, with now being popular as the most preferred search engine by the users, all over the world. So, its natural that everyone wants to have own a Google account. A user can create his/her own Google account, just by a free signing-up process. It is free and takes only 2 minutes of time.

Usually, primary information are asked, such as Name, City, Mobile no., alternate email address, alternative security questions (just in case, you tend to forget your user id or password)and last but not the least, preferred username and password.

After giving all the information, Google will send an OTP to your given mobile number as it will be needed for the verification process. Finally, you will choose an unique email id ending with “” and a password. The password needs to be strong having characters, special characters, numbers, capital letters etc.

Voila! Your account creation is successful and you are now eligible to access other free services of Google. Do you know what are they?

Google and its Services


The largest video related website, where users upload, download and view videos. In today’s date, there are more than a hundred thousand channels on YouTube with more than hundred millions of viewers from around the globe. It is the pioneer and the market leader in its segment. Even the same has become the trending marketing tool for many.


It’s another Google owned social media platform, where people across the globe can connect with each other. It has many features like chat, messages, photos/videos uploading and also video call feature with your listed contacts. You can also add all your necessary and additional information regarding your likes and hobbies as this will help you getting acknowledged by others. It was launched after “Orkut” was shut down. Although it has been gaining users, it still lags way behind Facebook, which is its principal rival and the market leader.

Google drive:

A one-stop solution, for your database space issue. You will get limited space in google drive, in which you can keep all your files. There is no such security issue, as data confidentiality is never compromised and the firewall protects your data from every form of hacking. It is the most secured cloud storage you can get for free.

Google Play Store:

A one-stop solution for all of your varied applications need. You can say, it is the shopping centre of free and chargeable apps. You can just search your particular application for e.g Spotify music app, Outlook mail service application, WhatsApp, Facebook, games, movies app and many more.

However, you need to have an active internet connection and sufficient storage space for the desired applications to run. This will solve if you are searching for can’t remove device from google account.

There are also many other facilities, such as Google Translate (where you can translate from one language to another), Hangouts (a social media application for chats and messages), Google Earth (to have a view of every street, corner of any place on earth), Google Docs, etc. Those will be helpful to you in various ways.

A user must have to log into his google account, from his device to claim all of the above services. It is possible that you can log into your google account in more than one device. In case, if you want to delete your old device from google account, there is a specific procedure you need to follow. Let’s know about that in detail.

How To Remove Google Account from Android phone and Computer

Today tutorial will explain how to remove a unknown device from my google account?. Many problems are facing problem while removing old devices from google account manager. If you are unable  to remove device from google account else seeing no option to remove device from google device manager then this tutorial will surely help you.

Method 1: Deleting Your Old Device From Google Account ( Using Phone)

  1. Open your phone “settings” application, which will be in a shape of a wheel.
  2. There will be various options in the drop down, now you have to look out for “Accounts & sync” or in some mobile phones, it is just mentioned as “settings”. You have to click on it.
  3. Then, a series of application will be mentioned, which are already in synced with your mobile system. For e.g. Google, WhatsApp etc. Here you have to select “Google”.
  4. The moment you click on it, your specific google account will be shown, with options such as, “Sign and security”, “Personal info and Account Preferences”, you just need to click on your mentioned account name, it will be mentioned as
  5. After, clicking on your account name, various usage and time of sync of your phone applications will be reflecting. Here, look out for an icon, which will be in a shape of bin ( it will also mentioned as remove acct). In some mobile, it might be under the drop down menu or on the right upper corner.
  6. Click on “Remove acct” and your google account will be permanently deleted from that device.

Method 2: Remove Device From Google Account (Using Web)

  1. Use your phone’s browser to go to
  2. In the “Sign-in & security” section, touch Device activity & notification.
  3. In the “Recently used devices” section, touch Review devices.
  4. Touch the device you want to remove > Remove.

Wrap Up: Remove Device From Google Account

It’s that simple! So, you have understood how to delete an old device from my Google Account. You can also add your google account to any new mobile phone, through the same process as above, only you have to select “Add account” in the account section of your phone.

If you have any other prominent solutions to delete google account from device, please leave your comments below. Now, there is no need to search for how do i remove a unknown device from my google account?

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