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*HOW TO* See Saved Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks You’ve Connected Your Android Device 2017 { ROOT NEEDED }


Almost 70% of people across the globe use Android device and also use the Wi-Fi networks to get connected with internet. Whenever you visit some places like gym, home, school, coffee joint, restaurant etc. each time you need to either type the password or need to ask about it. What if you can get the step or methods regarding how to hack Wi-Fi password using android phone without root? 

Whenever you enter the Wi-Fi password in your device, it saves that password and whenever you visit the same place again it connects your device automatically with the Wi-Fi but the only trouble that comes up is you are unable to see that saved Wi-Fi password which is stored in your device. Perhaps you are unable to connect your second device to these networks. There are 100 of applications available in the market which allows you to hack the Wi-Fi password. By hacking password, it allows you to use the Wi-Fi network without asking about the password to anyone. 

Here is the remedy where you can hack Wi-Fi password on android device and can use that password for all your devices. This method requires the access to root your device so that you can use Wi-Fi hacker root apk download and get access to the Wi-Fi password. 

Steps which will help you to hack Wi-Fi password on android using apk:-

Step 1. Install Wi-Fi Key Recovery

On Google Play Store, you will be able to find the application named as Wi-Fi Key Recovery which is available for free. Search for this application by the name and install it on your rooted device. Make sure that you have taken the back up of your data. As rooting the device might cause in data loss.  

Click Here To Download { LINK 1 }

2. View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

The application is launched initially it will ask to access “Superuser”; you just need to tap on the “Grant” pop-up. Once you grant it, you will be able to list the connected Wi-Fi networks and that shows password in the field of “psk”.  

If in case you have connected too many and different Wi-Fi networks than the list will be long. You can easily search that particular Wi-Fi network by using the field named “SSID Quicksearch”. Searching a particular Wi-Fi network makes you task easy as you don’t need to scroll down all the connected Wi-Fi network.

3. Sharing Wi-Fi Passwords

There are many options available which allows you to share your Wi-Fi password to another device. Just by tapping any entry in the list a small menu will pop-up. This pop-up allows you to use Android’s in-built sharing system so that you can easily either send the password or the entire entry to your other device. Apart from this, by sharing the QR Code you can also share the password. But for sharing QR Code, you also need to install some additional applications which are available in Google Play Store. If you would like to store the list for safekeeping, you just need to tap your device’s hardware menu button and from there you can export the data and keep it in text file. You can export that text file to your SD card and can safe list the passwords and can use it whenever you need it. And the easiest way is to take the screenshot of the data and share it. Taking screenshot becomes easy and that you can share easily on your another android device. 

In this way, you can root your phone and can get chance to get real Wi-Fi hacker for android and can hack the Wi-Fi networks to see their passwords. There are many other ways as well where you can hack Wi-Fi password on android phone without app. Even there are ways where you can hack Wi-Fi password in mobile without software. 

WRAP UP :  See Saved Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks You’ve Connected

Rooting your android phone just to hack Wi-Fi password is not advisable. You might also lose your phone and your data. You can always route your device when you are sure that you will never lose your data. You can go to Google Play Store and search about many applications that allows you to view the Wi-Fi passwords. In such a way you can see SEE SAVED WIFI PASSWORD ON ANDROID.

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