(Updated✅)Top 11 Best Places To Start Android Mobile App Development 2020

Today we are going to see the best site to start Android Mobile App Development. The Android mobile operating system has changed the phase of human lifestyle, it also created a large impact the mobile functionality in this decade. Android application development is a step by step process where one needs to have knowledge about some of the key technologies like Java, XML and a bit of an android development environment.

In 2019, there is android developer app console is launched for Android developers to which makes easier to develop android apps and games. This console is launched by google itself.

The first two phases play a key role in developing the android application development, whereas the last one mainly compliances of your interpreter and coding style. One need not be professional in the above phases to develop an Android application, but a piece of knowledge to some extent can help you in accessing the android development in an easy way. iOS app development and android mobile app development both are are trending earning methods.

Top 5 Places To Start Android Mobile App Development 2019

1. Official Android Developer site

  • The first thing you need to google is Official Android developer site where you can find all the things that are needed for a starter. The site is designed in an interactive way where you can access all things with a simple and hassle free navigation process.
  • It is developed and owned by the creators of the Android SDK, so one need to worry much about the new regulations and rules of creating their first application. In fact, most of the tutoring sites offer you to how to learn are developing the applications, but on this site, they purely concentrated on doing by learning process which makes sense for every beginner.
  • This site is not only for beginners any person who is an expert in developing the android applications can learn API guides and some good references for reducing their time factor in developing the applications.
  • You will definitely get the answer on How to Make an App for Android?
  • This is the best site for android mobile app development for beginners.

2. Mobile Tuts+

Tuts+ always stands in the field of learning any technology and design subject and the best thing about this site it is a creative environment where people from various parts of the world interact as well as communicate to gain their knowledge.

  • The site is famous for its clean and neat categorization of tutorials, one need not worry much about the navigation in this 150 development tutorials only on android.
  • Each and every tutorial is explained in a neat way and it is accompanied by images for leaving no place to confusion for the beginners.
  • In all this set of tutorials android 101 is delivered by a handful of material along with the basic Java tutorials too. This app will help you with your first Android Mobile App Development and it is one the favorite place for Android App Developers.

3. Markana Android Boot Camp series

Markana is another spot where you can hang out for learning the android application development, actually Markana boot camp series is a set of video tutorials. These aren’t any special video tutorials created for teaching android application development, yes, it is true, and these are recorded in a 5 day training camp.

  • The camp is organized by Markana and the company delivers best training seminars all over the world on various technologies, it is really great that they have dedicated their premium training series for free.
  • This android training camp is for training professionals and delivered by professionals, so now it’s your turn to become a professional android developer.
  • Android Mobile App Development Video Series is posted on markana which can be accessed easily.

4. Vogella

If you are in search of quality material then you should stop your search at this point and google for vogella android development course. This course covers all sorts of tutorials to make you an android developer which is also included in Java and eclipse development environment.

  • The course is lined up from the beginning stage to expert level and covers all kinds of basic as well as important concepts to make you an expert developer.
  • The tutorials also consist of a screen shot teaching method where it is for beginners to learn things in a different and interactive way.

5. Lynda

Lynda is the brand name and it doesn’t need any special introduction of their expert level tutoring service. This site offers various kinds of tutoring services which also helps you in learning Java as well as XML at a single point.

  • The site contains 11 tutorials which are categorized on the basis of your expertise level. The videos also contain android gaming development if you are keen on learning gaming development in android.
  • Each and every video is recorded in an organized way and covers from the basics to top notch standard concepts along with exercise material at the end of each session.
  • But the only thing that bothers some people is they are paid tutorials a certain amount of money should be paid to access them.
  • As far as i know, it is one of the best places to start Android Mobile App Development.

Other Popular Places For Android Mobile App Development

Codota Extension for google chrome

Codota is not a video nor text based video tutorial site, but it is an excellent extension for any kind of developer. The main part of this extension is to save the code snippets of android application which is seen on any kind of android application development website.

  • It is a chrome/firefox android mobile app development extension.
  • The codota helps in learning and understanding the various kinds of codes easily with the help of annotations at the end of each cord.
  • Not only annotations, but one can also learn the function of every method in that code easily with this extension.

The New Boston tutorials

Another video tutorial which doesn’t need any exceptional introduction is the new Boston video tutorials. These are available on YouTube and it can be accessed easily for anyone without working much hard except if your internet connection is too low.

  • This set of video tutorials consists of 200 videos which can help you in creating amazing android applications without any exception.
  • Most of these video tutorials have a duration of minutes, so one need not worry much about the total count of this set. Mobile Phone App Development has taken the industry by storm.
  • They also own an android mobile app development company.


  • Udacity is an exceptional entrant in the field of tutorials market, the site offers a really interactive session to learn any kind of programming language along with android mobile app development.
  •  The site can only be accessed by premium members but in order to know their standards of teaching one can go through their demo reels of every training session.
  • The courses in Udacity are supported by an exercise file at the end of each session and can be seen just under the video title. So it is easy to learn and one can’t forget the basics with the immediate exercise sessions.

Android Hive

  • Android Hive is another place which is similar to Tuts+ and it also offers the text based android tutorials along with screen shots to explain you in detail.
  • Unlike Tuts+ it delivers the tutorials in the form of articles and the articles are organized in a procedure one need not worry much about finding introduction page.
  • You can download android mobile app development course for free.

Code learn

  • Code learn is really helpful for beginners because it is the only site where one needs to execute the task in order to continue in the next session.
  • The site is really interactive and navigated for all kinds of newbies, so you need to worry much about your learning experience.
  • This site also offers various kinds of programming languages, so it’s the best source where you can also hook up with other programming languages which are in need of you.

Code academy

  • Code academy is another source similar to code learn, but it concentrates on the other products of learning programming languages which means it doesn’t teach you how to develop android application but it will teach how to develop a program from the scratch.
  • So if you learn to develop programs from the scratch you need to worry much about the tools and languages anymore. So join code academy to create your first program now.
  • Download android mobile app development pdf from code academy.

Now you have a bunch of 11 tutorial websites where you can learn developing Android applications for free (in most of the sites) so work hard with perseverance and make your career in developing android development. Now remember these websites are to teach you how to be a developer and it’s your turn how to become a top-notch developer, and the only thing that makes you sit in the top is practice.

Wrapping Up – Android Mobile App Development

So, start practicing from these tech giants and turn yourself into the future tech giant. If you wish to hire android developers contact us via contact page. We have a team of Android application developers.

So, till then enjoy android mobile app development course on listed site. 🙂

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