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Top 20 WhatsApp Tricks for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows

WhatsApp is responsible for changing the way we communicate. It has provided us a platform which helps us to stay connected with our friends and families for free of cost. It has been made available for Android, Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, etc. In order to access WhatsApp you just have to ensure that you have the data package on your device. You will be able to share videos too with your friends through WhatsApp messenger app. Here are 20 WhatsApp tricks for you –

  1. Last seen can be hidden – It displays the time you were last seen online at the end of the conversation but there is also a way to hide that. Visit Settings, then account and then in the Privacy section you will find the option Last seen and you will find three options. Selecting any one of them will allow you to hide your last seen time from others.
  2. WhatsApp without telephone number – In order to use WhatsApp you have to use the number, but in case you do not want to use your number, then also you will be able to do that by enabling the flight mode and then putting to use Spoof Text Message or Fake a Message.
  3. PDF, zip and apk files can be shared – Now by using an app you will be able to share the PDF files, zip files and apk files in WhatsApp messenger app. This is one of the 20 WhatsApp tricks that you will love to master.
  4. Profile pictures of contacts – If you want to have the profile picture of your friend then now you will be able to do that. All the profiles pictures are saved in SD card automatically so you have to go to SD card, then WhatsApp and then profile pictures where you will find the images have been stored against the mobile number of your friend.
  5. Fake conversation created for fun – You can make use of different apps to create a fake conversation. This can be done to play pranks, but you must keep in mind that it doesn’t harm any friend of yours. This is one of the 20 WhatsApp tricks which is available for the Android users only.
  6. Profile picture hidden – You need to go to settings and then to account, finally privacy where you will find profile photo and select Nobody or My contacts. There is another simple way to do that, just don’t update any photo at all.
  7. Changing phone number – In the settings you will find the option account and in there you will find a change number which will allow you to keep the contacts while changing the number.
  8. Spying on friends – From two different devices you will be able to access the same WhatsApp ID that will help you to spy on what your friends are doing on WhatsApp. This can be achieved by changing the Mac address.
  9. Multiple accounts – If you are using dual SIM then you can make use of both the SIM and enjoy two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This is one of the best amongst the 20 WhatsApp tricks.
  10. Setting profile picture without cropping – With the use of the app you will now be able to use the picture of yours without chopping out any details.
  11. Using WhatsApp on Android and PC simultaneously – Now even the impossible task seems to be possible with the help of several apps and that is the reason you will be able to use your WhatsApp account simultaneously on Android and PC.
  12. Delete account permanently – Go to settings, then account and there you will have to select the Delete your account to permanently move out of WhatsApp.
  13. WhatsApp lock – Now you will be able to lock your personal messages with an app called WhatsApp lock so that no other person can look into your conversation.
  14. Tricky image – The app will help you turn the image of a beautiful girl into monkey when someone clicks on it.
  15. Voice notification – Tweak the settings a bit and you will be able to turn the notifications of the WhatsApp activities into voice notification enabling you to revert back to the important ones and ignoring the less important ones even when you don’t have time to look into it.
  16. Turn it into free for more than one year – In order to do this you will have to register your number with WhatsApp from your friend’s iPhone and then delete it from there and install WhatsApp all over again on your phone. You will witness that your subscription has been extended.
  17. Auto downloading stopped – This feature eats up a lot of battery life as well as mobile data. You can turn it off by going to the settings, then chat settings and in there media auto download where you have to select from the three options available.
  18. Usages statistics – Navigate through Settings, then Account and in there you will find Network Usage which will provide you all the information about the usage.
  19. WhatsApp images stopped from getting into Gallery – When someone send in any video or image, then you will see that it automatically goes into the Gallery so to avoid that you have to make use of File manager application if you are an Android users. In case of iOS users, you will have to navigate to settings, then privacy and photos where WhatsApp needs to be unchecked.
  20. Sharing big file size – Using the Video Converter Android you can now compress the video and send files which are more than 16MB of size.

Enjoy whatsapp tricks for pc. Let us know more whatsapp tricks and tipd from your side.

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