This article will explain you best possible method to trace mobile number with the owner name. Without mobile phone, life had been unpredictable. To cope up with this era of internet generation we need constant communication. Wired communication took over by wireless communication for more portability, comfortability, mobility etc.

How To Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name, Location/Address in World

Now, you know very well that every good thing has a positive side and a negative side. Same happens in the case of mobile phones. If you look for today’s scenario, every single person is equipped with two sim cards. Many people suffering from missed calls, pranks calls, messages from unknown numbers, and especially girls are going through tough phases. But now no need to worry today we will show a tutorial on How To Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name, Location/Address in India.

Best Ways To Trace Mobile Number With Exact Location with Name and Place In Worlds

 1. Truecaller – Trace Mobile Number Location Free

World’s largest directory of mobile phone numbers is owned by truecaller organization. They collect the numbers from social networking, shopping site, google plus, facebook etc. Wherever you left the contact number open to the public, instantly trucaller app adds the number in its database.


It’s not limited to the mobile app only. You can directly visit truecaller website to trace any no.

Official Website URL:

  • Just fire the any phone number(landline/mobile) and select the country.

truecaller trace any numberin world


  • Now, click on search button.
  • Now you will need to login with any social networl like facebbok,twitter,google plus.

 2. Wiki Page – Mobile Numbering System

A wiki page owns a huge list of phone numbers starting series and their locations with the network service provider. Using first four digit of any number you can find the location of service provider and area of usage.

 4. Mobile Tracking Software – Trace Mobile Number USA/UK

This software put some more efforts to trace the identity of mobile number owner. It works as a mobile no tracker with an exact location. It also helps to trace mobile number on google map. Using these app you can trace mobile number current location easily.

 4. – Trace Mobile Number location, Caller Name and address | Find Missed Call details

There is a new site in the blogosphere where you can find real-time location and caller information like name, adress, date of birth etc. You can trace any mobile phone number in the world.

This site providers Real Time Tracing of Mobile Phone and mobile phone owner without any hassle keeping your identity integrated. There are many Ways to Trace Mobile Number Online with Exact NameLocation, and Address but the information this site is incomparable. 

The location tracking with Mobile Number Tracker Location is very accurate if compared with other phone number tracking provider. let us know few more methods to trace mobile number location.

 5. Trace Mobile Number Current Location Free

We will discuss methods to trace mobile number exact location on map absolutely for free. You can trace the location, operator name or internet service provider name and the signal/network type of the number. Know how to trace mobile number and track a mobile location. We will provide mobile no tracker with exact location.

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How do you track phone number locations?

Real-time location of the phone can b detected. IMEI & GPS call trackers can be used to track the location of a phone call. You can get the GPS coordinates of a phone number within seconds. You can also track phone numbers by SMS or WhatsApp messages through these apps, and there’s no reason to call someone and embarrass them, making them feel ‘tracked’. Following Apps are great with tracking mobile phones, even when the phone is not connected to the internet

We hope you are able to trace mobile number current location with address. Also you can trace mobile number current location through satellite.

Some More Mobile Number and Location Tracing Apps From Playstore

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of actions To Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name, Location/Address in India, Pakistan, U.S, U.K, etc. YOu can track almost world with the help of these methods.

How to trace any mobile number in the world – Working Trick!!!

In the post I will let you know about awesome way to trace any mobile number in the world. There are 100’s of websites and applications in the internet which says that they can trace the mobile numbers, but they can only trace the state and Network name of the mobile number. But by using this trick you can know the name of the user, address and exact town name in the most cases.


Note: Though you can trace most of the mobile numbers using this trick you can’t trace all the numbers. I have tried nearly 50 mobile numbers of my friends and I successfully traced 40 of them. It showed my friends name, exact town name, State, country and network name.

How Does Truecaller Work?

We are going use TRUE CALLER here, TRUE caller is an open mobile directory, which collects mobile numbers details from all around the world from thousands of online sources. We used to enter our mobile number in many places on internet all those get saved those respective websites databases. This TRUE CALLER collects information from such websites and it maintains a huge list of mobile numbers.
Interesting thing is that it collects 100’s of mobile number details each second. It gets updated each second.

How to Trace Any Mobile Number In The World.

1. Just go to the official website of TRUE CALLER.

truecaller trace any numberin world

2. Enter the mobile and select your country from the list present there and click on search button.
3. It will ask you to login in to any of the social networking site, select Facebook and allow access for that application.
4. It will show you the details of the number. You can try as many as number you want just for free.

How to trace mobile numbers on ANDROID.

True caller application is also available for ANDRIOD, by installing this application to make your searched easy, it will also let your know about the details of those mobile numbers whenever you get a call or message from any number.
You can download the TRUE CALLER on ANDROID from the below link

Final words: To Trace Anyone In The World

This is the only application or website that can give you the details of the mobile numbers from around the world. None of the other apps works, as I said previously they just trace the network name and state. You can get the complete details of the Mobile numbers user only from by contacting the Network providers. For security reasons they won’t let others to know about the details except under extreme conditions. Hence TRUE caller is the best solution for all of us. In coming days its mobile directory even better, so that we can get info of lots of users.