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6 Ways To Transfer Files Between Computer to Android Mobile on WiFi

Normally we Transfer files like media or any documents from our PC to Android devices (mobiles/tablets) using USB cables (Data cables). Sometime it annoys us, because we should insert those cable wires each time while we want to transfer data.
If your android file transfer not working you are at right place. You can get it done using droid transfer. This can done using MTP android mode. After reading you would be able to transfer files from pc to android wifi direct.
More wire wires makes our working place even messy. But if you have a Wi-Fi router at your house then you can connect your transfer files from your windows Or MAC PC’s to Android mobiles using Wi-Fi Transfer Applications. If you are itching your head with questions like
How to transfer files from PC to Android mobile using Wi-Fi” or “
How to transfer data between computer and Android mobile in Wi-Fi Network”,
you are in a right place to get your questions answered.

[epcl_box type=”error”] NOTE: This trick even works if you don’t have internet connecting at your Home, Just router is enough and Wi-Fi transfer APP are  to make Wi-Fi transfer Possible.[/epcl_box]

How to Transfer Files from PC to Android in Wi-Fi

You can do this by following the simple steps below, to do this all you need is
  1. Web Browser on your Windows or Mac PC
  2. Wi-Fi transfer app on your Android device
  3. Any Router to create network.

STEP 1 : To Trasfer file from PC to Android devices

Turn your Wi-Fi Router ON by connecting it to the Power source. Wait for few seconds to let it connect the Wi-Fi Network.


Connect both your Android Mobile and PC to the Wi-Fi Network, if your computer can’t connect with Wireless network, connect it using LAN cable. Enter the password of your Wi-Fi network if you can set any.


Download Wi-Fi file Transfer APP from Android market, If you don’t have internet connection at home, just ask your friend to get the .APK of Wi-Fi file transfer app and install it on your ANDROID mobile.

STEP 4 to Trasfer files from computer to Android tablets or mobiles

After installing this is how it looks like, just TAP on START button


After taping on start button a pop up box will open showing you an IP address, as shown in the screenshot.


Now move to your PC and just enter the IP address in the browser and you will be shown the screen like this from where you can transfer the files quite easily.
This made my work really easy to transfer files to my mobile from my PC, previously my data cable wire always used to be near my Computer table. But now I don’t need that, I am transferring all files using this Wi-Fi transfer. You can even modify the files on your mobile. You can delete / Cut / Copy files in easy way. You can even access your Photos, Videos and Music which are on your mobile using your PC J

6 Best apps to transfer files from PC to Android mobile

There are many apps for Androidmobile which apps in similar way, here is the list of the best apps. You can give a try on them.

1. 3CX DroidDesktop

This is the best application for this this purpose, you can even access your SMS details and camera of your mobile from your PC it also provides wireless keyboard and Remote control feature.
You can get this application from HERE

2. Fast File Transfer.

The different feature of this application is you can connect the pc BY NFC or QR code scanning. You can share any sort of files like, photo, videos and ZIP files using it. It only supports Android mobile above 2.3.3 and Later versions
You can get this application from HERE

3. SuperBeam

This apps transfers files with Good speed. Even to make this app work you need to have Android mobiles above 2.3.3 and above versions, it comes with Light and dark themes
You can get this application from HERE

4. WiFi File Transfer

You can get this application from HERE

5. VillaCat WiFi Transfer

You can get this application from HERE

6. WifiDroid

You can get this application from HERE
You can try any of the above mentioned apps but my favorite application in the above list is 3CX DroidDesktopbecause it comes out with awesome features and good file transfer rate. So this is how you can access the application on android mobile from PC and modify those files.
There are even ways to access files on your computer from your Android mobile. I will be writing tutorials on those in my Upcoming Posts. Stay tuned Folks!
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