Vidmate is one of the most amazing applications to download for better browsing in the field of multi-media such as songs, videos, movies and games. It is easy to install the application in Android devices. Nevertheless, the Vidmate application works really very fine when downloaded Vidmate for PC too. Thus user preparing Vidmate on PC.

However, phones do not have high bytes of memory for storage because of which the application may crash. Moreover, to watch the movies ona higher screen is more entertaining. So, in this post, you will Vidmate APK link for Windows PC

Free Download Vidmate For PC

Believing to accomplish the download process step by step, it becomes crucial to know how to access it: In Vidmate installation guide, I already explain how to install vidmate on Windows PC. Here, you get more details about vidmate for PC or laptop.

Vidmate Apk for pc

Vidmate Apk for pc

Steps to Download and install Vidmate for PC.

  • BlueStack should be downloaded on the PC at the back-end.
  • Free Download Vidmate For PC using below link.
  • A vidmate.apk file occurs on the screen which is asked to be saved on the computer.
  • After the vidmate.apk file is saved at the back-end, the BlueStack that was initially downloaded at the computer should be launched.
  • This might take a while, near about 40-60 seconds, to launch the app on the PC because it is directly proportional to the performance of the systems.
  • BlueStack has a user-friendly interface. On the top of the application, there are certain application tabs namely, MyApps, Apps Centre and support tabs.
  • When the BlueStack is launched completely, click on MyApps tab and wait for the tab to redirect to the other page.
  • MyApps screen is displayed on the screen. Click on the + sign along with the choose apk option mentioned below it on the same display.
  • This will lead to an interface where the already downloaded vidmate.apk file is present. This will take some time to finish installing.
  • Vidmate is now installed on the BlueStacks.
  • Enjoy browsing different movies, videos, songs and much more.
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Vidmate available completely free of cost. It does not ask for money from the users but earns through the ads shown on the application by the Google Admob. Talking about other multi-media applications such as TubeMate, these designed to only download songs and videos from only one site. However, at a particular time, Vidmate can set 20 sites as default. The download process is very efficient.

For more information check Vidmate app download guide.



There are certain reasons to use Vidmate for PC rather than Android devices. If you are still looking vidmate for Android then download vidmate apk for android. iPhone user download vidmate IPA for iPhone.


Pc’s have a larger storage capacity than mobile phones.

PC storage

High storage

Varying between 512GB to 2TB, this much amount of storage capacity is easily available. But in case of Android devices, the range of storage lay between 4GB to 32GB.

After a particular time, if your storage excessed, then mobile phones will automatically crash. Accessing Vidmate for PC gives nearly 70 times more storage capacity.

Entertainment on next level

Use Videmate on PC for entertainment

Use Videmate on PC for entertainment

Compare visualizing movies on a small screen with large screens. It looks amazing to see things enlarged and not tiny. This is the main reason why movie halls have always been crowded. People love to watch movies on big screens.

PC’s are highly resolute

High Resolution

High Resolution

Android devices allow displaying the videos at 720p resolution. There is a significant variation in the eyesight. However, PC’s have high resolution. There is less strain while watching through big screens.

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Final Verdict

Vidmate is video download app for android. It is specially designed for android mobiles and famous in the Android world. But, nowadays people also searching vidmate for PC or Laptop. Thus, here you will get an answer of how to free download vidmate on PC.