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2020 *Updated* Best Insurance Apps For Android, iOS and PC {Web Version} | Download Insurance Apps

Best Insurance Apps For Android 2020

Insurance apps have become the need of life. Are you holding an Android mobile in your hand? Then you need not worry much about finding a way to handle your works anymore either it may from insurance to investing. Yes, it’s true one can easily deliver their insurance works from the mobiles also.

Previously it was hard for everyone to check the correct insurance plans as well as payment procedures of their insurance plans, coming to claiming part of the insurance application these mobile insurance applications can deliver the best service in claiming your insurances. Here we are putting Health Insurance App, Farmers Insurance Apps, Nationwide Apps, Car Insurance app together.


Here we are going to deliver a short note on the best mobile insurance applications which can help you in reducing the manual effort. These insurance apps can cover Life insurance, home insurance, volvo car insurance and your auto insurance. Check out our apps for Insurance Agents and regular users.

List of Best Insurance Apps

Liberty Mutual Home Gallery App

  • The Liberty group stands again first in the mobile insurance services also and, the best thing about the application is, one can easily claim their home inventory all with a single click and a simple typo.
  • In this application, the user can keep his home inventory active to keep it safe from theft and fire accidents.
  • It provides a home loan, insurance loan, auto loan.
  • It also covers the liberty mutual car accident.


Availability: Android | iOS | Web

GEICO Mobile Application

The GEICO mobile application can deliver you the best user interface as well as best service in applying insurances. The application covers all kinds of insurance forms from covering your car insurance to home insurance.

  • Benefits of using this insurance application is it simply works as a real-life interactive agent but assists virtually with its specially developed interactive program called as Lilly.
  • In fact Lilly is similar to ‘Siri’ in ‘Apple’ it can direct you to required option, indicate your status and everything with her sweet voice resulting the user to feel the hands-free experience.
  • you can get small business insurance geico.
  • it is one of the best car insurance companies.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Esurance App

Esurance is another mobile car insurance application which provides you hassle free support in claiming and tracking your application status. One can access their digital ID card with a single touch in this insurance application, if you are in a country with an option of accepting digital id cards, then it is for you to carry this certified digital card everywhere in your country.

  • Easy to check the payment status as well as schedule
  • Fast and reliable secure payment options
  • Easy to update the payment method and due dates of the payment
  • Change your vehicle or update your present vehicle simply by scanning the VIN
  • Claiming the files won’t be hurdle anymore and tracking the claim status as well as scheduling the vehicle inspection is easier than ever now
  • Along with all the above services you can also find the nearest petrol bunks, nearest restaurants and parking lots.
  • Auto Insurance Application
  • one of the best and well-known car insurance brands.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Progressive Art App

The progressive art application is a step ahead when compared to above insurance applications, it broadly categorized the insurance policies into three main categories with almost 10 subcategories in each of them.

  • This mobile insurance application covers your favourite travel insurance and automobile insurance also, all these miraculous things can be done with a simple touch of your palm.
  • The claiming process in this application is also really easy to access. Along with this above facility, it is easy for any navigator to find the respective options like insurance agent, finding authorized service centers and roadside assistance without a drop of sweat.
  • Do your traveling insurance.
  • Get your online auto insurance quotes

Availability: Android | iOS |

Move Tool

Move tools is another interesting android insurance application which helps in creating insurance for all kinds of mobilities. This travel insurance will help you in creating an easy home inventory process where one can simply upload the respective pictures to claim their insurance.

  • One of the hardest tasks for mobility functions is to develop and create an insurance package for every item, in order to rectify this move tool has developed a new system where one can create their virtual room with a simple snapshot and avoid the last movement wandering around your products.
  • The other benefit of this application is creating labels around your packages without even opening them.

Availability: Android |

Nationwide Insurance Application

The Nationwide insurance application works an alternative for various kinds of mobile insurance applications, it will help you in creating various kinds of insurance on the go. With this app you can do nationwide commercial auto insurance and keep checking nationwide insurance stock.

  • It also helps in accessing the nationwide accounts easily with a simple text message or from a mobile application too.
  • In order to claim it instantly, one can find the nearest local agent to exchange their accident info and can access the funds on the spot.
  • The Nationwide insurance application will help you in changing or updating your mobile tone in their personal application so now change your mobile tone as per your mood.
  • Easy to get and compare USA car insurance quotes.

Availability: Android | iOS |

GoodRide Insurance Application

The GodRide insurance company can help you in claiming insurance for frequent bike riders, in fact, it is a kind of travel insurance application which prospectively works on delivering insurance for bike riders.

  • All state companies GoodRide application is concentrating more on the rider’s safety rather than their bike insurances with its mobile application.
  • The application helps you in logging all your bike details manually with a touch of your finger.
  • The application is simply categorized into 5 steps the first one is logging the ride, the second one is sharing the ride, the third step goes to planning a new ride, whereas the fourth step covers in checking the maintenance log and the final step is Good Hands’ roadside assistance.
  • good ride auto insurance is best so far me.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Money Supermarket Car Insurance Application

Money supermarket car insurance application is a brilliant car insurance application where one can find all the things required for insurance of automobiles at a single spot.

  • Unlike other insurance applications, it is not bound to any single company’s insurance policy this is an advanced feature for selecting the best insurance policy from the token list.
  • This mobile insurance application will help you in comparing several hundreds of insurance application from all over the country.
  • This insurance application will track your status and results in proceeding to the next step from your halting position.
  • Renew lapsed car insurance.
  • You can checkout right student discount car insurance.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Kelly Blue Book Application

Kelly blue book is another insurance application where one can easily find a way to reduce their burden for creating insurance.

  • This car insurance application will help you in searching for various kinds of insurance applications along with comparison option.
  • The application also supports you in creating a comparison between car prices, used car prices, and browsing car photos at the same instant.

Availability: Android | iOS |

Insurance journal

Insurance journal is another application covers the other side of insurance applications. This mobile insurance application will help you update the best news from all over the country and updates you with the present insurance policies which are running on the way. The journal also covers the news on different kinds of property insurance, cars insurance and travelers insurance in your nation as well as in your region too.

Availability: Android | iOS |

Accord one

  • Accord one insurance application is one of the oldest form of its kind. It started the mobile insurance application journey in 2012 and has been used by millions of people.
  • This application provides the easiest approach to ACCORD forms which are used by most of the insurance agents and claimers.
  • The application not only helps in accessing the forms, but it also results in saving the forms at the same instant, signing them, and retrieving the forms to mail any other concerned person all in a single place.

Availability: Android |

Conclusion On Insurance Apps

What are you waiting for now? Choose one of the above applications to create a better insurance plan for your life and your family. The insurance plans above mentioned work up to some extent, but be cautious while choosing the best supportive plan which helps you in increasing your revenues. So start your hassle-free journey with this tiny magician (android mobile) in your hand. Let us know some more insurance apps via comment section.

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