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Best Top 10 Business Card Scanners Android Apps 2016 | Download Top 10 Business Card Scanners

Download Top 10 Business Card Scanners

After a business event there are many who end up collecting huge business cards. In all the everyday mess, you cannot feed these contacts in your Smartphone. A week later, you need a contact number and it takes an hour to find the correct business card. If you really want to avoid this hassle, and then let your Smartphone, do all the hard work for you? There are business card scanning apps available which you can download on your Smartphone and ease your headache. Here are best top 10 Business Card Scanners Android Apps 2016.

Best Top 10 Business Card Scanners Android Apps 2016

  1. Abby business card reader

This app is the best option for you and it is a best robust app you can have. It is available for both iDevices and androids. There is a free version also available, but for limited period. In free version, it is just going to save just one contact number and name. After using the free trial, if you like this app you can switch to the premium version. With the professional version, you will be able to save unlimited data. This pap is having interface and clean graphics. This app is available in 21 languages. There are plenty of other features such as on screen guides.

  1. Business card reader

This one is a complete purposeful app and is having many features. It is capable of scanning and is also having OCR skills. Scanning, processing of the cards is done rapidly. There are some occasional problems with this app so it s better that you read the reviews of it first. On the other hand, there are quite useful features it has which makes it a preferable choice for some of its users. This app is good for all those who prefer handholding and prompt during scans.

  1. Full Contact Card Reader

This is the card scanner, which you would definitely like to have. It can synchronize with over 250 apps. It is also one of the most expensive business card scanners apps. This app also offers packages. You can also use this as Credit Card Scanners for Small Business. This is one of the best Credit Card Readers for Cell Phones

  1. Cam Card

This app gives a huge competition to all the other apps in this category. It is having excellent interface, cloud accessibility, cross platform and many other features. There is a free and full version available. Users can use this app for any device. Premium version of this pp is good for those who are serous because there are no frustrating banners and advertisements you see on the screen. All the version of this application can synchronize with cloud and accessible with web too. It is having a logical flow.

  1. Presto BiCard

The interface of this app is pleasing, but it is not updated and because of this, it crashes many times. Many users might not be satisfied with it hence end up getting another app. The company behind this app is promising that they are fixing the bugs. This app behaves like Cam card app and accuracy is a chance of miss and hit. After scanning, you can access contacts easily.


This pp starts out with easy to understand and clear screen and is having some promising features. This pp is having old school interface which some likes and other dislikes. You can edit cards and zoom the area. There are no area for the pre-existing social media fields. If you want to save the edits, which you do in your cards, then you can save it on  the app  or Google contacts. To use all the feature of this app you will have to sign up  for the app . You can also buy credits  for the transcriptions. The fee version is going to have advertisements which is definitely going to frustrate you lot. It is better that you get a premium version so that you can avail all the features and prevent frustration.

  1. Shoeboxed

This pap is not only great for the business  card scanning, but it can also scan mileage tracking, tax information, expense reports etc. there are many other documents which you can scan with this app. After scanning, you can also synchronize them with your email tools easily and quickly.

  1. World Card mobile

This app is a global app and there are many indications present on  the Google Play. This pp is having total nine versions and is having multi language interface. The app does quite well with the international cards as well and offers good support with the local language. For English  there are two versions  available. The paid version will let you save fifty cards or more, there are many other features, and you can export data. You just have to tap to take the picture of the card. The app soothingly scans the app. The free version is obviously limited  so it is important that you switch to the premium version  if you are in need of such app. This app is good and worth the money, you will spend on it. It is important that you use the app correctly because you might miss some things.

9.Yolu Card reader

It is a perplexing app  so you will have to be little careful about it. This pp comes from the Chinese developer. This one is a fast app. The best thing about this app is that you will not find any difficulty in recognizing the scanned card. In some apps, it is difficult to read the letters because they are not scanned properly. This app is having daily limit  and it can just scan thirty cards in one day. If you sign up via facebook , then you can raise  the number  to  ten scans more. The app can export contacts  to your contact list in the phone.

  1. Evernote Hello

With this app, you get a business car scanner app  and can link all the information  to your social media accounts. It is also going to tell you about you meetings.

Final Verdict: Best Business Card Scanners

We are preparing for Best Business Card Scanner Review. These are the best top 10 Business Card Scanners Android Apps 2016.


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