Best Android Business Card Scanner:

Do you know how to regain control of the business stack cards? Well, if you want to scan your business cards and stack them in your computer digitally, then there are some amazing apps on android Google Play which will help you in scanning your Android Business Card. The Android mobile device management helps you in managing all your business cards. Android business card Scanner is a device which scans the card electronically and saves the printed business cards.

Here is the top 11 business card scanner for you, which will help you in choosing which one is the best for you:

List of Top 11 Best Android Business Card Scanner


CAMCARD – Best Android Business Card Scanner

This one of the best card scanner apps in Google play, which has millions of users, using it. This is the app which is one of the most important apps for the sales people. CAMCARD scanner is from the top developers of the Google play store. The features of this business card scanner app are such as:

  • This android mobile device management has a cutter option for cutting card.
  • It quick in saving the business card to your phone.
  • The E-cards can be exchanged via QR codes, card reader and private group.
  • Updated profile information notification to the contacts.
  • It has a support system of 16 languages.


This is an android mobile device management app, which helps you in scanning the powerful QR codes, bar codes and the Data matrix scanning utility. This app allows you to share anything digitally and quickly.

  • QR codes scans were scanned by anywhere, such as subway walls, catalogue, by coupon or buy vouchers.
  • This is an android business card scanner which scans from your camera, browser or the SD card.
  • This app creates QR codes and shares in seconds.
  • It has inbox and it has feedback options too.


One of the best card scanner apps of Google play is Red Laser. It has an accurate barcode scanning facility. In this Android mobile device management app, the scanning, comparing and saving can be done in a jiffy.

  • It is rated as top shopping app by US Today.
  • The retail barcodes can be scanned like UPC, EAN, UPC-E and EAN-8.
  • The best card scanner app which digitizes your wallets.
  • With personal information, personalized QR code can be made.
  • Any products can be purchased through this app.


This is one of the app of an IAC Development company which lets you scan your cards when you go out and have no time for carrying all your cards, the built-in camera scans the card and save it into the contacts. It is like a v-card.

  • This mobile device management app has seven language options.
  • It has an updated material design.
  • It reduces the RAM usage.
  • It has a card wallet option, which lets you read easily the next time, once opened.
  • BC designer creates your own android business card.


This is a mobile device management app for the scanning of android business cards in seconds. Compared to other android business card readers, this app is one of the best scanners for Android by Scan biz mobile solutions LP. If you are really tired of keeping business cards pocket, then this app will resolve the problem.

  • It can edit contact information side by side with the business card image.
  • It creates new contacts in your phone and it can merge also, with the existing ones.
  • It has an amazing 3d gallery view mode.
  • Via email or SMS, business cards can be shared.
  • Customization of Business cards can be done.


Stocard is among the best business card app, it can store all your business cards in one app. The built in camera can scan the reward cards in seconds to your phone.

  • There is no registration necessary for using this app.
  • It for all the android versions.
  • It has +location base widget.
  • Other loyalty cards can be added to this app.
  • Special coupons, discounts and flyers are there with this app.
  • The phone’s screen can be scanned by proper equipped stores.


This OCR scanner helps you scan the cards or documents on your phone with character recognition. It can convert the documents from the phone or camera into a regular text. This business card app is 100% reliable and can be used for scanning business cards.

  • It has more than 25 languages option.
  • It can scan PDF files.
  • It can scan any kind of cards or documents.
  • It is of 1.0.14 version.
  • It’s offered by Smart mobile software.
  • Extracted document can be copied to clipboard.


This is an app which can scan business cards. This app is an online business card reader which is only made for the Android phone users. It is the highest quality scanning service provider that combines the OCR and the human quality checks. This app has a quality that it converts the business card information to a format of the card, so that it can be shared in any platforms directly.

  • It has a security scan done by McAfee secure.
  • The information’s can be stored in
  • The registration is done and then the business cards can be scanned just after that.
  • This mobile device management app is of HD quality.


Well, there is one more business card to choose from is, Scan Card BCR US/ EU LITE. It has some features which are very useful for the scanning of business cards. This is one of the best business card apps from Google play store and it is very easy to use. Some of its features are as follows:

  • It is faster and its accuracy is perfect in character recognition.
  • The android mobile device management app has many language options like French, German, Spanish and many more.
  • After downloading, it easily allows sharing the information.


This android business card reader is one of the best and it has won, one of the best cards reading app award. It has a nice and easy interface to use for. This app is easier, as you have to click a picture of the card and add to the contacts on the phone.

  • It has a text recognition option.
  • It comes in seven language options.
  • This app allows in making instant phone call.
  • It allows in texting and mailing too.


This one is also an android device management app which scans android business cards. This card reading app uses OCR recognition for recognizing and saving the data or information on the business card. All the information’s are stored by the app and if any corrections needed, it can be done manually.

  • It’s a free app on Google play store.
  • It’s a user friendly app.
  • Several languages are there as an option for all people.
  • The display design of the app can be changed.
  • It has OCR recognition.

Well, these are the top 11 best Android business card scanner, which can change the way of stacking the business card in your wallets by just keeping a simple android business card app for the proper mobile device management. Be ready and start managing your business cards in your android phones and make travelling easier. From the list of business card scanners, choose one and add it to your list of apps. S this was the list of business card apps for Android.

We are preparing for our next post on best android cloud backup apps and tutorial on how to setup android vpn server

One of the most important parts for keeping this android business card app is that, when you do some business, it’s important to keep all information in one place. No time can be wasted in looking for some business card. Become a smart user of the scanning apps. Let us know some more best android business card scanner apps via comment section.

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