Today we will show how to use non-gmail id to log on bluestacks. Person get annoyed by putting gmail login details every time. It should be open to all without any authorization. So here we are going to provide way to use bluestack without gmail id.

How can I use non-gmail ID to log on BlueStacks?

By following our tutorial you can use any email id on your bluestack. You can use Yandex, yahoo,Microsoft email id on your bluestacks without any problem. If you are looking for method to create emaild id wothoout phone verification let us know via comment section. I’ll link you to the same article.


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Summary: non-gmail ID to log on BlueStacks

This article will tell you step by step method to use non-gmail id on your bluestacks.

Working Version

  • Bluestack 2
  • Bluestack 3
  • Bluestack 4

Steps To Use non-gmail ID to log on BlueStacks?

Step 1:

open and click on “Create Account”

Step 2:

Fill the form along with first and last name. now go to username section.

Under the Choose your username box is a link that says I prefer to use my current email address” which, when clicked, will allow you to use your alternate email address. Click that link.

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Step 3:

Then you enter your non-gmail email id in the box.

Step 4: Now complete the form and you are good to go.

Things To Do After Creating Account With (Your non-gmail email id)

You’ll get a confirmation mail on your non-gmail id. Open that and click on agree all the terms and conditions.

Once you have done that you can use you non-gmail id on your bluestacks to log on. This works on all version of bluestacks.

Conclusion on using non-gmail ID to log on BlueStacks?

We encourage users to use Gmail id as much as possible. Because using single user id keeps you synched across all Google services.

let us know other ways to use non-gmail id via comment section.