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▷Whatsapp Messages From Android To iPhone |🥇7+Best Methods to Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To iPhone

With the growing number of iOS releases, a lot of users have shifted from Android to iOS and so we’re here to show you how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone.As the number of releases keeps pouring out, one after the other, it is quite possible for smartphones users to change their phone frequently.

You might have purchased an iPhone and must be very excited to enjoy the features on the iOS System. However, it is likely that all the old messages of WhatsApp won’t be available on the new iPhone device.

WhatsApp has witnessed outstanding success and it continues to grow and bloom.

In 2018, WhatsApp was ranked as the third-best trending Social Platform, based on the record of its active user accounts. Facebook is in the first place and YouTube, second. However, it is still one of the most utilized messenger apps.

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So now that you have got a brand new device, how do you plan to get all the conversations onto your new device?  You surely do not wish to start afresh and hence you are here. So now let’s move further and see how can you back up your WhatsApp messages with you wherever you go, on whichever device you’ve got!

The business of Whatsapp for sure is aware that people do change phones frequently and so they have made it a bit easier for the users to move the Whatsapp data from Android to Android and iPhone to iPhone. However, they haven’t come up with a solution for moving data from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

In this article, we would like to show you some of the best working approaches on how to transfer Whatsapp messages from Android to iOS and iOS to Android. If you wish to learn more, please read the whole article below.

Best Methods To Transfer Messages From Whatsapp to iPhone

1.Transfer Messages from Whatsapp to iPhone via Google Drive

WhatsApp comes with an in-built feature to backup the messages together with your Google Drive account. The very first thing you need to do is associate your Gmail Account with Whatsapp which then allows you to copy the conversations on your Google Drive Account. After this, you can register the very same account with your iPhone and restore the chats. You need to be careful and follow all the steps given below to get this done successfully.

Step 1: Open the Whatsapp Messenger App on your Android Devices and then tap the menu from the right corner and click on the Settings option.

Step 2: After this, you need to click on Chats and Calls and go to the Chat Backup Option and select Backup. You have to make sure that your Gmail account is linked with your Whatsapp to be able to successfully upload the backup of your conversation.

Step 3: Next, pick Backup over Wi-Fi because cellular information will consume a lot of your own bandwidth and it could charge you extra without your knowledge. So, be certain that you have a fantastic Wi-Fi signal.

Step 4:Install Whatsapp again on your iPhone and verify the accounts with your contact number. This should make the backup file appear upon starting the program and then all you have to dap on “Restore” to retrieve all the messages from Android. And Finally you’re done! You have successfully transferred all our WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone.


1. The speed of the internet should be high

2. Before backing up, can not preview the talks.

3. There is no technique to transfer individual chats.

2.Transfer Messages from Whatsapp to iPhone via Email

It is a method which lets you transfer WhatsApp messages without applications. It’s superfine if you have to send a couple of conversation history.

One best thing is that this allows you to browse the Android WhatsApp chats on iPhone as email attachments, that also means that you can’t restore the messages to Whatsapp on iOS device.

Step 1. On the Android device, tap to Open Whatsapp, and click on Settings and select the Chat Settings Option. After this, you need to click on Chat History and Tap on Email Chat.

Step 2. Select the WhatsApp conversations you wish to move to the iPhone. After this, you will get a pop up with a message “Attaching media will generate a larger email message.”

Should you need to keep pictures, audios texts, and emoticons from the WhatsApp dialogue, choose to attach media. If not, just pick”Without Media”.

Step 3. You will be asked to join the email address on the Android device’s display. Once done, tap”Send”.

Step 4. You have to log into your email from your iPhone. It also allows you to see the Whatsapp messages from your email account now.

But this does not enable you to sync media files and the messages to a WhatsApp accounts on iPhone.

3.Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android into iPhone Through Backup

1. Backup your own WhatsApp messages on Android mobile phone: go”Setting>Chats>Chat backup”, and click on”BACK UP” button.

2. Uninstall WhatsApp on your Android device.

3. Launch WhatsApp on your own iPhone device and log in with your WhatsApp account.

4. A pop-up window with a message ” Message Backup Found” will appear on the screen. You have to then click on “Restore”. All your WhatsApp messages on your Android device will be transferred to the iPhone.

Transferring WhatsApp messages through backup is much more complex than emailing the messages you can have the chats on the WhatsApp of your iPhone, which make it more easy for you to grab up the conversation on the older Android phone. Therefore, it is worth the trouble to move a WhatsApp message by a backup.

4.Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to iPhone via Restore Social App

This is one of the most chosen apps for transferring Whatsapp chats from Android devices to the iPhone. It’s called dr.fone Toolkit-Restore Social App!

Why do I enjoy it?

Most importantly, it may move WhatsApp messages, photographs videos, audios between Android and iPhone with actions. And the discussions are synced into WhatsApp accounts on iPhone)

Features of Restore Social App:

1. Multiple Whatsapp Transfer options like

Android to iPhone

iPhone to iPhone

Android to Android

iPhone to Computer

Android to Computer

2. Backup and restore Apps data between iOS apparatus and pc (service WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, LINE, and WeChat)

3. It supports and runs smoothly for almost all devices of iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG,Huawei, Motorola,Sony,etc.

Method to follow for transferring WhatsApp messages out of Android to iPhone using dr.fone

Step 1. Download and set up the dr.fone toolkit on PC. Open it and select the module named “Restore Social App”.

Step 2. Click”WhatsApp” on the left and then select”Transfer WhatsApp Messages”.

Step 3. Connect your Android Phone and iPhone via a USB Cable. Your device will be found automatically.

Step 4. Then assess the transport direction! You have to make sure that your Android device ie the “Source” and iPhone the “Destination”. When it pops up a menu with Ok, click “Transfer” in the lower right corner.

Step 5. It takes a few minutes to move WhatsApp chats and you’ll be able to see the progress bar.

Step 6. Once done, click”OK”. Now you can assess the moved WhatsApp chat background on iPhone.

Conclusion: Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To iPhone

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. We had a lot of android lovers and fans writing to us regarding tor the solution for how to Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to iPhone.  So we decided to resolve that for you and provide you guys with a list of best methods to do so that it becomes easier for you guys to have a backup of all your texts.

In case if you have a query or any doubt related to this, please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for your precious time.

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