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Some Important Android Phone Tips – *WORKING TIPS*

HEre we are with Best Tips For android phones. Google has launched an overwhelming platform of Android, which allows us a whole new level of customisation and making the phone’s look as per our requirement. But this is not possible if the proper tips and tricks are not known by one, as one stop experimenting with his phone with the risk of destroying their phone. Better to go through these tips for android phones.

So, if you want to have the most of your Android device and avoid the problems faced by you while using your device, mentioned below a few simple tips that can help you, keep your device working in the best condition. Let’s start important android phone tips and tricks for Android.

List of Best Android Tips


Tip 1 – Battery Optimization


A lot of people have been complaining that their device doesn’t last for a long duration when they are using them. This probably is because they are unequipped with the knowledge of battery optimization, and using their device in such a manner that the battery lasts long. Though we have portable chargers and other such devices with us, which enables us to keep our device charged, it is still for the best that one uses various battery optimization techniques. This can be done in following methods.

  • Using App Killers regularly, that kills unused apps and frees up the space and battery consumption.
  • Using Battery Apps that automatically changes the phone’s settings for best battery consumption.
  • Lowering the Screen Brightness.
  • Switching off extra features like Pocket Data, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. when not in use.
  • Using Battery Saver mode whenever possible.

Tip 2 – Updating the Device


Many handsets have started receiving the latest Android Lollipop update. It is mandatory to regularly keep an eye on the updates for your device. Even a small update can affect your device’s speed to a great extent.

  • Usually the updates’ notifications appear in the Notification bar as soon as they are available for your device, but if due to some circumstances, they haven’t appeared on your Home Screen, you can go into Settings, and look for Phone Update or Device Update.
  • The “Check for Updates” option will allow your device contact the server and receive the updates.
  • It is really one of the useful tips for android phones.

Tip 3 – Memory Management


Managing your phone’s memory is an important step to prevent your device’s speed getting slow. This can happen with simple Memory Management techniques, and the best method would be uninstalling extra apps that are not used by you.

  • Only keep those apps in your device which you use frequently. The rest’s backup can be kept in .apk format in Memory Card.
  • Extra Apps can be uninstalled through apps like “Easy Uninstaller” or by clicking on Settings and choosing “Manage Applications”.
  • Another tip that can come handy is by using a Class 10 memory card instead of Class 4 or Class 6 card, which will also help in speeding up the processing of your device.
  • It us one of  the important android tip.

Tip 4 – Monitoring


Now if you are using a high quality Class 10 memory card, you will have to make sure that you install maximum apps on your external storage, and try keeping the internal storage as much free as possible.

  • This can be done with the help of apps like “Android Assistant”, which helps you monitor the phone’s working, and also allows shifting the app to SD card.
  • There are a few apps that cannot be transferred into External Storage, so you will have to keep them in Internal Memory only.

Tip 5 – App Source


Don’t install apps out of Google’s Play Store or Amazon’s App Store as this might cause can harm to your phone. External applications may have some sort of Trojans or virus installed in them, which can harm the working of your device, or can even send the personal data to some source. So, always prefer installing trusted apps. If you feel doubtful for some application, you can check the reviews of the app in the store.

Tip 6 – Avoid Overheating


Using heavy apps may cause overheating of your device. This can cause some serious damage to the phone’s hardware as well as software.

  • So, to prevent this, keep an eye on the CPU usage, and don’t let the processing go over 90%. Apps like “GO Power Master” can help you monitor the phone’s temperature and usage, and can give you warnings and suggestions, when to give your phone a break from heavy usage.

Tip 7 – Outside Protection


The smartphones and Android Devices being developed today are large in size. So, one needs to take extra measures to prevent it getting harmed from some external source.

  • For this purpose, the foremost step must be installing a nice quality Screen Guard for the protection of the touch.
  • This must be followed by getting a good quality back cover.
  • Also try carrying your phone in Protective Cases or pouches.
  • Keep checking our Android Tips Tricks Secrets.

We have separate section for cool android tricks. We hope you enjoyed our Latest tips for android phones.

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