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{Best Guide} How To Extend Battery Life Of Android Device – 11+ Proven Tips

People often complain about the little battery life of their Android device, but as a matter of fact, they might not be able to optimize their device for best usage and longer life. This can be achieved by simple tweaks and guides, which we usually forgot in our day-to-day usage of phone. This article will help you to save battery life on Android and Android Battery Tips.

Android Batteries are not able to survive for a longer time. So, In order to save Android cell phone battery, these tips can be useful for you. This can also be achieved by Free Battery Saver App.

Deactivating Wi-Fi and GPS


GPS and Wi-Fi are two applications that drain most of the battery out of your device. People who regularly are using a Wi-Fi connection must have experienced quicker drainage of battery, and the phone asking for frequent recharging. To prevent this early usage of battery, one can take a simple measure and switch off Wi-Fi as well as GPS when not in use. This in great Android Save Battery Tip.

To switch off Wi-Fi, the simplest method will be by bringing down the Notification Bar and tapping on the Wi-Fi option. Another method includes going to Settings in Menu, locating Wireless and Networks, and then turning Off the Wi-Fi option.

To switch off the GPS when not in use, simply go to Settings, followed by Locations, and then unchecking the GPS option. A few devices also have the GPS option available at the top of Notification menu, and thus can be switched off from there too. You gonna experience Extend Battery Life Of Android.

Switching Off and Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps (Apps With Less Activity)


Android keeps various apps running in the background, which leads to quick drainage of battery. Various games and other such device boosting applications add up to large power requirements, which lead to the lower sustainability of battery. This can be prevented by switching off the unnecessary applications or removing the apps that are not used too often. For this purpose, you can take help of applications like “Easy Uninstaller”, Otherwise follow the steps: Go to Settings -> Storage -> Applications -> Manage Applications, from where, you can uninstall any app that isn’t used too often.

Turning Widgets Off


There are many widgets that keep on the Home Screen and eats up a lot of battery. Ask yourself if you really need a Facebook widget on your Home Screen that refreshes every other second. If you want to see some updates of your friends, you can simply open the Facebook application and refresh the page, which would consume a lot less battery than the widget consumes. So kill these widgets, especially the weather widgets that eat up a lot of battery while getting refreshed and also save battery life on Android.

Screen Management


Managing the home screen and setting it up for best performance would cut the need to charge your device every couple hours. This screen management would include decreasing the brightness of the screen, and setting it to lowest setting, as high screen brightness would ask for large amount of battery. Then set the screen timeout to 15 or 30 seconds so that the screen turns off if not used till the mentioned duration, which will also save a lot of battery. Easy Eyes is one of the great app to save battery life on Android. It also protect eyes from high brightness firing to your eyes.

Word on Ad Supported Apps


There are many ad-supported applications. When one uses this app, a lot of advertisement services run in the background eating up much more data as well as battery than they should. So to prevent this, the best option will be buying full version apps having no ads. This will help you in cutting extra data charges as well as saving battery.

Removing Most Battery Consuming App


If you go to Application centre and observe which app is consuming how much data, you would easily come to a conclusion that there might be a small unused app that is used to eat the battery. So the best option will be put it off :P, or remove that unused app. It will help in saving a lot of battery on android.

Final Call To Save Battery Life On Android


Now, it’s your turn to save a battery. With the help of our tips, you can easily extend battery life of Android. We are working on best android battery saver apps. Soon list will be live stay tuned for more updates.

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