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*Updated* 15+ Most Common Bluestacks Error *solved* | Bluestacks Problems And Solutions

Bluestacks error and Bluestacks problems are the most common issues faced by users while running android apps on pc. BlueStacks is indeed one of the most popular android emulators that are currently available for computer. It basically allows you to download and install most of the android applications on your computer system. The most distinguishable feature of bluestacks error is that it is free and is very easy to use compared to others.

It is also very amazing that the number of android game application games that are available for downloading in BlueStacks is quite high. This is indeed the most important reason behind its popularity. BlueStacks Review was always controversial as compared to other emulators.

Download Bluestacks Without Error (Windows xp, 7, 8,8.1)

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Bluestacks is the only Android Emulator which is being used by several customers within a very short span of time. Many people have started using BlueStack but absolutely not without any single problems. This post is basically for discussing about 6 major problems that most of us face while trying to install or use the emulator. HEre you can learn How to Fix BlueStacks.

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{Updated} Bluestacks Problems And Solutions 2019

1. Graphic Card Error Related To BlueStack.

Many users must have faced the problem related to the BlueStacks i.e., “Bluestacks currently does not recognize your graphic card. It is possible your graphic drivers may need to be updated, Please update them and try installing again.” Let us first find the reason behind this problem. (Cannot Start BlueStacks 8.1, BlueStacks Stuck at Loading Screen, 


You might be aware that the BlueStacks runs the Android app on PC. It basically requires good quality of graphics card and also physical memory to render its proper performance. There are basically two types of Graphics Card:

  • Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D>> used to run Windows.
  • OpenGL>> which is basically used to run android programs.

You must keep in mind that you need to regularly update your windows. If you do not update it regularly then there is a very high probability that the openGL didn’t get properly updated when required. So you need to do it manually.

The Solution for it:

  • Just use an uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller to cleanly uninstall the bluestack.
  • Reinstall the latest version of BlueStack.
  • Keep your computer system ion charging mode and set the power option to the high-performance level just in order to make sure that your Graphics card is up and running.
  • You can also update your graphics card by going to My Computer>>Right click and then select manage>>device management>>Display Adapter>>Double Click on the version of your GPU>>Drivers>>Update Drivers.

Even after following the aforementioned instructions it does not work out then you need to wait for the newer version of the BlueStacks Graphic Drivers. In such away you can solve bluestacks error and bluestacks problems.


2. Downloading The Runtime Data Error

Often while the installation process of BlueStacks is going on your computer you may get the following case when the Bluestacks Google Play gets stuck on “downloading runtime data”. Well if you must know this particular error has nothing to do with your System Hardware.


It has something to do with the Bluestacks server. If at all there is a BlueStacks server problem you may see that the installation might halt at some point. Let’s see how to solve this bluestacks error.

Solution of this problem:

You need to stop the current installation. You can even download the Revo uninstaller and cleanly uninstall the bluestacks. After you have completely uninstalled it you can download the fresh copy of the bluestacks from the This is the way to fix Fix BlueStacks Loading Page.


3. Failed To Connect To Server

While installing the app from the store you may have got this error quite often “No app found Please check your internet connection and try again”. It is one of the most common bluestacks error.

Possible reason for this problem

Since because it is in Beta stage bluestacks server is not working properly and it might also be the connection issue.

Solution of this problem

You can easily reconnect your internet and also try again after sometime. This is basically a temporary problem and it be easily fixed. Bluestacks error is solved now. TADA!!!

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4. Can’t Access Hard Drives From the BlueStack

This problem is being found many times on some newer versions of bluestack. There is basically no direct option to open the file from the application

Solution to this problem

You can either drag or drop the file to the bluestack that you want to send. If the above-mentioned step still did not work out for you then you can install the file manager like Astro file manager and then you can browse your file through that.

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5. At least 2GB Physical Internal Memory

One of the BlueStacks Requirement is 2GB RAM. In many cases, the users do claim that they have near about 100GB of free space in their respective hard disk but still, they are getting this error. You need to remember that the physical memory is equivalent to RAM. In the case you have an old computer with less RAM it would simply not work.

Solution to this problem

You can simply upgrade or buy new RAM for your new system. The initial stage bluestack actually refers near about 1 GB of RAM but now they have already upgraded to about 2 GB in the latest bluestack installer. In case you cannot opt for 2 GB of RAM then you need to stick to the previous version of Bluestack. This procedure will definitely solve your bluestacks error.

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6. Viber Activation Issue bluestacks error

Viber is the most important application that almost everyone is trying on BlueStacks. On the first installation itself, it starts giving issues. The very most common issue with the Viber installation is basically its activation. Viber activation code is not responding even after several attempts and it gives the following message that “an error has occurred during the viber activation process”

Solution to this problem

You need to remove or uninstall the Viber then wait for 24 hours and then reinstall and try again. You must make sure that you try both the SMS and also the automated options. You may even try to register to Viber with a different number just  to determine whether the problem is specific with your number or any general one.

7. Error retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]

Problem: BlueStacks Error RPC S 3, BlueStacks Troubleshooting


Go to “Settings”
Applications>Manage Applications >Select “All”
Scroll to and tap Google Play Store >
Force Stop > OK
Clear data > and tap “OK”.
Tap the Back button to get back to the applications list.
Scroll to and tap > Google Service Framework
Force Stop> OK
Clear data >  “OK”.
Now reboot (switch on & off) your device.

That’s it your bluestacks error is solved now.


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Update #1

8. Lading Issue – How to Solve Bluestack Loading Error

Problem: Most typical problem with BlueStacks is the packing issue which lots of individuals have actually grumbled concerning. Typical problem is– “Stuck while loading, all it says is loading“. I did some study on this and also put together an extremely straightforward solution which will certainly assist you to solve the issue.

Solution To This Loading… Problem: 

Before That : 

First you need to reinstall the latest version of bluestacks again before you go further and reinstall this app, make sure of following:

Give your user account(Admin) full-control of ProgramData\BlueStacks directory. That is,run it as administrator.

In windows explorer:

  1. Navigate to C:\\ProgramData (if C is your Windows drive) – Note this not Program Files it is ProgramData.
  2. Locate & right-click the BlueStacks folder within C:\\ProgramData
  3. Select Properties
  4. Select Security Tab
  5. Find Your Widows User within the Group and User Names Window
  6. Select Edit
  7. You will need to select your Windows User within the Group and Users Name Window
  8. Assign Full Control and select OK
  9. Select OK again
  10. Reboot

Now reinstall the latest version TADA!! You are done! 🙂

9. Unable To Use/upgrade BlueStacks After Windows 10 Upgrade

Problem: Unable To Use/upgrade BlueStacks After Windows 10 Upgrade. Though it is derived from widows 8 ad widows 8.1 you may face some issues there. As it is released with may update so, there are some incompatibilities.

If you face following issues or changed behaviour like:

  • Unable to install blueblack o widows 10.
  • Unable to Open Bluestack on widows 10
  • Blestack hanging Problem on Windows 10

Solution to this problem : 

To Fix this issue download the latest build from or write to with your problem to get immediate support 

10. How To Resolve Bluestacks Market Not Found Error Fix In Windows MAC

Problem: Sometimes you may see the following window saying that Market Not Found.

If you face the following issues or changed behavior like, There are 3 ways to overcome this problem.

Solution to this problem :

Solution 1. By Directly Installing the Android apps from Google Play store.

Solution 2 . Install the Google Play Store app and FrameWork Manually in Bluestacks. 

Some version of Bluestacks app player is not coming with Pre-Installed Google play Service, So you can Install Google Android Market

GoogleServiceFramework.apk ( Download GoogleServicesFrameWork.apk)

Vending.apk  (Download Vending.apk)

SetupWizard.apk (Download SetupWizard.apk)

Install all 3 from abve link

Solution 3:  Installing the app directly by using Android apk files. Broswe that apk file to install

Update #2 Problem with bluestacks on windows 10

To assist you better, I would like to know; do you get any error message, while trying to run the program?

I would suggest you uninstall the Bluestack program and try installing it again.

Step 1:

To uninstall follow the steps.

1) Press Windows key + X and select Program and features.

2) Right click on the Bluestack and click on Uninstall.

Step 2: Install Bluestack application again and check if it helps.

Hope it helps, reply to us with the status of your issue. We will be happy to assist you.

#UPDATE 3: How to install VidMate on BlueStacks 3?

VidMate is one of the most downloaded app . It is not compatible with bluestack 3N. As it needs BS3 native version which can coexist with current bluestack 3N.Both the version can co-exist together. At a time, you can run only one of them. You will see two icons of bluestack on desktop one of them will work for vidmate.

Download Bluestack Native Working With Vidmate

#UPDATE 4:  How To Solve “Some error occurred. Please try again.”

Problem:  If you are facing the above issue then it’s very easy to solve this problem without much technical knowledge. You will see a popup saying  “Some error occurred. Please try again”


  • Open the system tray from taskbar (if BlueStacks icon is already located on Taskbar, follow the next step)

  • Right click on the BlueStacks icon, then click on “Quit” as shown below to exit BlueStacks.

  • Now re-launch BlueStacks on your PC


These are the most common bluestacks error and bluestacks problems faced by user are solved!

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