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🎮25+ Best Multiplayer Horror Games for Android 2019 | ✅Best Horror Games

Are you looking for a very spooky inducing environment? One that has scary sounds, and horror activities like in the horror classics? There a lot of mobile games that may allow you to receive goosebumps and to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of horror.

However, don’t you think it would be more fun to play such games with a friend or with someone online? We are here with a list of games that allow a multiplayer interface and make it easier to do that. Have a look at the list of  multiplayer horror games for Android that you can play with a friend.

Best Multiplayer Horror Games

here is the list of best multilayer horror games. You can download these horror games easily for free of cost. These horror games are equally popular oofor iOs aswell.

1.Dead Effect

Dead Effect is a first-person shooter set in a massive space ship. In it, players have to confront an epidemic of a disease that has turned the entire team (not exactly a little one) into zombies, hell-bent on tearing out your bowels.

The game is divided into several interconnected levels, which make up a campaign that lasts nearly five hours. Through the effort, players need to deal with lots of zombies that are unique.

Fortunately, a massive arsenal that can be improved as you earn money can be called upon by your hero. You update and can buy shotguns, machine guns, handguns, assault rifles, and bows and arrows. Of the weapons have a design that fits in perfectly with the sport setting. D Additionally, it has a single-player campaign that is very entertaining.

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2.Into the Dead 2

The Dead 2 is the latest in a popular series of multiplayer horror games. It’s a runner. Your target is to endure for as long as possible. The game also contains a story mode with ammo and weapon perks multiple endings, and more. Into the dead 2 also includes more gameplay functions compared to its first version. Thus, it’s the one we’d recommend. . Both terror games are all freemium.

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3.Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th

Friday and slayaway Camp mystery, gore games. They control and have graphics. You can solve puzzles, and kill things and it also features a lot of bloodsheds. Gore mode has to be empowered by the user. Slayaway Camp is a game that has 140 levels for the users to pass. That should be enough for the user to keep them going. These are some of the best and easy multiplayer horror games ever made. Friday the 13th is totally free to download with in-app buys up to $9.99.

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4.Distraint: Deluxe Edition

Distraint is among the horror games. It features a very simple assumption and hand-drawn graphics. The controls are straightforward and you ought to be able to learn them. It does rely on horror elements like jump scares. Instead, it attempts to creep you out with its narrative line. It bills itself. It is somewhat short and you should complete the match in a few hours. The Deluxe Edition is somewhat costlier than the standard version, but it includes a lot of extra stuff.

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5.The Abandoned School

The abandoned school is a new pursuit. It’s created in a horror movie style. You will get an opportunity to play as a boy, who found himself being alone inside the walls of an abandoned school. Some day his brother and a girlfriend expired. In the game, you will have to learn the cause of their death. Memories of yesteryear and the surrounding terrify the boy, but he plucks up courage and continues the searches. You must have the courage to play the game. In the game you will have a phone with an accelerometer; use it and you’ll openly explore the inside of public school. You must remember that you will get hints after the sunset.

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6.Fran Bow series

Fran Bow is another series of horror movies. Each game has a new story like a chapter from the storyline. Unlike many games that pack the series in one title, the mold breaks by creating each chapter its own downloadable game. It’s a puzzle game where you must self-administer medicine to go into another world. The narrative line is creepy. It’s a decent series all around. Every match in the series will run you $1.96.

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7.Eyes: The Horror Game

Discover heart-thumping terror within this free atmospheric horror game. But i suggest that you do not dare play this game alone in the dark.
You have to break into the mansion at midnight. It is enormous and built like a maze. As you research rooms an eerie wail shudders through the air and fills your heart with dread. Lights flicker, novels rattle in their shelves, and also the TV bursts into static. The monstrous ghost comes for you. Run.

Seven grounds to download Eyes — The Horror Game right now:

→ Multiple frightening monsters to pick from — or create your own with custom visuals and sound

→ multiple levels to unlock. More added all of the time

→ Multiple gameplay modes to survive

→ Mystical Eye runes to watch throughout the monster’s twisted vision

→ A hand-drawn map to plan your next move

→ Competition with fellow adventurers on the international leaderboards

→ The perfect horror game: tense gameplay, sudden jumpscares, and a chilling atmosphere

[epcl_button label=”Download Eyes: The Horror Game” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”][/epcl_button]

8.Dark Meadow: The Pact

A survival horror game inspired by Bioshock, Dark Meadow: The Pact includes a post-apocalyptic setting with a surprising fairy-tale twist. You will be fighting goblins roaming the dilapidated halls of an abandoned hospital, seeking the blood of the living. Because you encounter a witch, more fear strikes, and removing her is the only way to escape the hospital.

It is a touch-centric match and a part of the Pact includes gesture-based controls that allow gamers to use common finger gestures while handing a crossbow or a sword. The controls are easy to master and quite enjoyable. The visuals, provided by Unreal’s Game Engine 3, have been a visual feast that is unmatched.

Dark Meadow is an exploration-based sport and has some scary surprises in store. You will discover weapons, puzzles, and several while researching the haunted hospital. It’s possible to use in-game cash to get gear and items which will help you survive the goblin onslaught. With deep plot, visuals, and gameplay that is excellent, this survival horror game is here to offer you the creeps.

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9. Call of Cthulhu Wasted Land

Call of Cthulhu- The WWI setting of the game gives a scary atmosphere to get a Cthulhu Mythos game. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Reanimator, Wasted Land pits a bunch of investigators against a number of Lovecraft’s scariest monsters, including popular mythos creatures, spiders, and zombies.

Wasted Land’s top-notch perspective makes it look more like a team-based strategic match. You can control a team of researchers armed with WWI firearms, gear, and armor.  You equip them with your choice of weapons can build your own group, and use strategy to get rid of critters.

The combo ends up lots of combat changes, forcing you to organize your moves until Mythos monsters kill your teammates by one. The monster weapons range from spells launched to melee strikes by creepy critters and spiders. The game has a lot of 3D visuals and the effects are pretty smoothly percieved. I enjoy how when a character is hit by a frightening spider the screen shakes.

The full 3D visuals, awesome sound effects, and background music of the game give you a lot of reasons to perform with it this Halloween.

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10. Sinister Edge – Scary Horror Games

When it comes to multiplayer horror games for Android Sinister Edge may be rated one of the top 10, because it is one of the scariest games on the market on play store. There are lots of puzzles in this specific horror game. So get ready for an adventure like no other.

This horror game supports an external controller that’s simply sweet. The best part is that the fun element keeps on increasing with time. Amazing graphics and gameplay that can blow your mind away. My list of Greatest Horror Games For Android gets adventurous games and the educative which you may see, although some people aren’t fond of horror games. To add to this, you may also use a VR headset to enjoy this game isn’t that cool? This match was actually made so get one and keep the fun going.

The controls are simple, use the VR joystick to move around, look at an object or interact with this. This match is merely 96mb from the setup dimensions, so click on the download link below today and perform with.

[epcl_button label=”Download Sinister Edge” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”dofollow”][/epcl_button]

Conclusion: Best Multiplayer Horror Games

I hope this article helps you fulfill your desire to have a spooky and creepy environment that serves your purpose. Halloween is right around the corner for you guys to cherish these games. This article was written to help you make your Halloween more interesting and spooky than in other years. I hope your Halloween is filled with horror!

If you have any doubts or queries related to this article, please let us know in the comments section down below. Thank you for your precious time.


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