Are you in looking for Free Android RPG games? Would you like to download and play free android RPG games? Do you wish to play them with your friends?

Its already YES! from all of you 😛 You are at right place then. So, just relax, i will show you path to reach kim kardarshian home:P (just kidding)  via free android rpg games and free action rpg.

Free Android RPG games

List of Free Android RPG Games APK

Here is the list of Best RPG for Android that we have collected so far. These android phone rpgs will help you feel the computer experience on your beloved android device. These days everyone want’s to play each and every pc games on their android device. So, most of the manufacturer making the game with android version followed by android and iOS. Here is the list of Best Android RPG 2014

1. D.O.T. (Defender of Texel)

Those people who loves retro style will definitely fall in love with this game. This is one of the best rpg game for android. This games is set at 8 bit.

Because of this 8 bit DPI, you can feel the experience of old days. If you remember the childhood TANK we used to play. YES! exactly it looks similar to it.

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2 . Legend of Roland

lorThe next free best rpg game for android is legend of roland. This is also old fashioned game with blur screen controls. The control panel of this game is designed by considering tablet users mailny which makes it best rpg games for android tablet.

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3. SoulCraft

This is my favorite rpg game which is full of adventure ad action. The old school dungen crawlers and slayers. This game can be played offline too without any hassle. It was the handpicked and first choice of the team by Google booth at Mobile World Congress.

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4. Blood Brothers

blood brothers (1) (1)

These is downloaded by more than 20+ million users across the world. Hero is vampire here who tries to take the life of others for his survival. There are eight type of heroes you can select. It is one of the Best Free Android Games 2014

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5. Dungeons of Evilibrium RPG

rpgAs the name itself contains RPG, So no need of introduction that this game is RPG game. It comes with dynamic grafics. It’s emerging game, it will take time to reach milestone.

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Final Verdict – Free Android RPG games


These was the list of rpg games for android phones free download. We are working on best google play rpg games. Soon article will be live on the same.

Let us know your review on free rpg android games via comment section.