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🎮Play PUBG on LOW END PC using NOX Emulator! 🎮 2019


Today I’m going to tell you how to run PubG on a Windows PC in other words at very low specification PC. Also if you have struggled or you know that you have got a low-end PC, well what we’re gonna do is get that up and run and push it to the maximum. So you can enjoy PubG no matter what system you’re related to.


Can I run PUBG on a low-end PC?

Yeah, of course, we can play this on the PC. But, many people either cannot afford it or many people haven’t got the PC to run these kinds of things. This version is free this version is very low spec and this version allows you to play it using mouse and keyboard, so with that in mind today we’re going to set up using Nox and we’re gonna get stuck straight in so without further. a quick guide to get this set up so we are using nox Player. All you need to do is click on the download and it will start downloading to whatever your download location is.



As you get it on to your system, double-click to install it. You will get one that’s called multi-drive if you load Knox it’s pretty much as it is but, it’s the base install. What we’re gonna do is use the multi-drive because on this instance we can basically configure and tweak how the actual emulator runs because this is a well imitating a tablet or a mobile phone.Now what we want to do is give it the most advanced version of that mobile phone possible so we get the most out of the experience by using nox. It is very stable and it does seem to work very well on a much lower end system.



click on add emulate at the bottom then  add a new emulator android 5.1  there are more advanced versions of android that give you a few extra tweaks and gives you a few extra options whilst playing PubG but this one is more for low-end stuff so if you’re not first so much about the graphics and it’s more about the gameplay


Go to system settings create a shortcut and delete it clean up this space. I can’t give you the best scenario because I don’t know what yourPC is everybody’s PC is different but we’re gonna go for a a mid-ground on this one people can push it further however if your system struggling then you may have to knock somebody settings back so for me I’m gonna go on too high. I’m gonna keep everything as standard if your system enables it then you can use virtual technology it allows you to get more out of your system basically if it doesn’t support it then you may have some issues there’s more information on this but most recent pcs have this kind of stuff and it should be enabled. If it’s not then again click on this link and it’ll guide you through .

I’m gonna keep it at 720p if it is a mobile if we push it further than yet we will get crisp of visuals but it will impact on our system more for this kind of game I’m up start fron 720 for those of you want to push it further if it does run stable then next time you can run it obviously higher resolution if you’re having troubles were at 720 then you can always revert back to 600

For the graphics rendering mode OpenGL is advised but I know that my system does play pretty well with this, I’m gonna put on to direct X now some of you may have graphical issues. I’ll may not even be able to get it to run for those do that then put it on to OpenGL.

Virtual button location: this is basically where all you you do it once we launch up the emulator.

Frame Settings: I’m going to keep it 60 but again if you guys having issues run at 60 frames persecond then you may have to throttle this back a bit again there’s more information down the bottom once that’s done then click Save and settings are updated.

Now I’m just gonna click on little start button and it will now launch this emulator for the first time now it may take a while to get to the stage you may have to jump through some hoops it will give lots of information it’s got a compile itself it’s basically building the emulator.

Android operating system: In this emulator, when it launches up it will be as if we turned on our well emulated tablet for the first time so we may have to put some settings and stuff in there there we go Android is dying so give it a few seconds it will be a little bit glitchy probably the first time you load it up because it’s got it embed itself in your system it gives you a little free game to put in there they’re all free anyway you can go into the Google app stores.

we’ll see in a second switch the install whatever games you want we’re going to focus on pub G there’s not much to do at this stage except to get the game running so we’re gonna go straight through the official Google Play Store. I’m going to use my official account .

Once you’ve put in all these stuff you’ll be greeted with the actual official Google Play Store now at this stage you can install whatever games you want and you can play wherever you want most of them will be free as always with the Google Play Store and search official PUBG mobile 10 cent games so click on that it’s just the same as installing any app onto your Android device.

what we need to do is actually we’ll configure the game a little bit to suit to our keyboard or mouse so click on the COG at the top we don’t need to seethe left-hand fire button so we’ll click disable in the graphics options keep it on smooth but obviously if you run this no problem then you can start ramping this up a little bit.

PUBG optimization for low-end PC’s

I’m gonna keep these settings for now control wise choose the right-hand side one vehicle wise choose the middle one. these just enable those better control in game using keyboard and mouse that’s all of this sensitivity wise I’m gonna keep this as standard because I can do this using the actual emulator rather than the game and all the rest of the stuff at your own free will so exit out.

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