Today we are going to enlist top 10+ Best Productivity Apps for your android device. We have collected free productivity applications and paid one too. Productivity Apps was the huge footstep in mobile application development. We are also covering best productivity apps for students too. So, lets start the list of top ten productivity apps.


List of 10+ Best Productivity Apps


First we are gonna see Best Productivity Apps followed by paid one too. Int this list you will get all the Top Productivity Applications, Business App, Apple Business Apps, iPad Office Apps etc.



1. Google Docs

The most easy, user-friendly so we called is google docs which comes with stock android. As these everywhere you can experience the trend of material design. Even iOS developer following the same trend. These all the features makes it best productivity app for students.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web


2. Microsoft Office 365/Office Mobile

The next office tool developed by Microsoft. As, Microsoft is well known for paid apps only. Initially at the starting of android era, it was paid tool. Later, they made it freeware because of huge competition in android apps.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

3. Google Drive

Drive is still going strong against dropbox. Drive comes with 15gb of free space. If you wish to buy some extra space ranging from 100GB to 30TB, you can buy for $2 to $300 a month. 

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Availability: Android | iOS | Web

4. Microsoft OneDrive

The strong competitor to google drive is microsoft onedrive. Most of the organization moving to microsoft one drive. It provides free space of 15GB and you can upgrade to paid plans for more storage.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is the king of free storage for the students, if i am not a wrong. Dropbox have more users as compared to google drive. It comes with free storage of 2 GB only.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Other Productivity Apps


Box provides 10gb of free storage. It is not so popular as compared to others but it is really cheap. for 10$ you can get 100 Gb of storage per month.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Google Hangouts

These days most popular platform across geek’s online meeting and clients. You can communicate one to one and one to many.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web


Next Most productive app for windows, android and iOS is Skype. Microsoft bought this product from developers of the company. It comes with free video calling for one-one and one-many communication.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web


Trello is one of the best productivity tool for single user and user group. It is best tool to organize task, notes, To-Do list.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web


Evernote is also a good tool for organizing tasks. It have robust technology to manage pictures and videos along bookmarking. It is available for all the platform

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Final Verdict – Best productivity App Winner?


So, this was the list of Best Free Productivity Apps and iPad Apps for Business. Soon you will find article on Mac App Store. 

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Let, us know your favorite one from the list of best productivity apps included in the article.