Now a days, majority of people are using android mobile devices with latest versions. After some days many people complain with performance of mobile device. Many custom ROMs like Vanilla, Slimbean, MIUI, Cyanogenmod, Paranoid gives you a better option to improve performance of mobile. Now you must be thinking how to achieve this? It require developer’s brain which is coded below.

Here we have developed easy and simple learning steps so that you can easily use them.


What is build.prop ?
Basically build.prop is system properties file which is located under /system folder. /system folder consists of all necessary information for your mobile device specific build.

Now what we can do with build.prop? we are going to edit this file and many custom ROM developers edit these files to free up existing RAM  and which can indirectly  help your mobile device run effectively.

This is used by who don’t want to use custom ROMs. 


Editing should be carefully done and One small changes can be harmful to your mobile device.

back up all your data before you make any changes.


You need to root your mobile device with specified rooting steps then you have to enable USB debugging from your mobile device you need to set up android SDK for ADB and Fastboot.

Then you need  text editor like Editplus or Notepad++ and root file manager like ES File Manager or Root Explorer or Solid Explorer.

STEPS TO EDIT Build.prop :


  1. Go to root explorer (or solid explorer) and open it. then select /system.
  2. Find build.prop file and copy it. Then paste it to your mobile device’s storage (either internal or external ).
  3. Connect your mobile device to Laptop/ PC via USB cable in mass storage { for editing build.prop file }
  4. Copy the same build.prop file to Laptop/ PC and start editing by using Notepad++ or Editplus.

Lines To Be Edited

Better Scrolling

windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=84 (This value is experimental)




Free Up More RAM



 Changing Your Mobile Device’s Android Build Number


Changing Mobile Device’s Android Version


Changing Your Mobile Device’s Display Density (by default stock density is fed & changing number should be in terms of DPI)



Decreasing Your Mobile Device’s Boot Time

debug.sf.nobootanimation=1 (It disables boot animation)





Saving Mobile Device’s Power


wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=120 (It will set WiFi scanning interval, which can be lowered or increased)

ro.mot.eri.losalert.delay=1000 (It might break tethering on some mobile devices)


Enabling Forced GPU Rendering



Proximity Sensor Fixes








Better Quality Of Images [FONT=&quot][/FONT]


Disable Animation Boot On Your Mobile Device For Faster Start Up [FONT=&quot]debug.sf.nobootanimation=1[/FONT]


Changing 3G Network Components



  1. After changing build.prop file, save it and transfer the same file to mobile device’s storage by overwriting original.
  2. Disconnect your mobile device and open root file manager/ file manager. Copy the edited build.prop file to /system and change file’s permission by using:


  1. Long press build.prop file and select permissions as :

Read- Owner, Group, Others

Write- Owner

  1. Reboot your mobile device.

After modifying the build.prop file you can find improvements on your mobile device.

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