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How To Use and Connect VPN on Android Device {With Screenshots}

Today, we will learn to use and Connect VPN on Android Device. VPN or Virtual Private Network allows local connectivity of a few devices over the Internet, and thus help to create a local network of many networks. A VPN is very common in many private as well as government organizations, and helps in speeding up the various tasks of the organizations.

A Virtual Private Network comes with numerous perks and privilege. This network can increase the aura of your wireless networking experience by enabling you to download such Android VPN App and Android VPN Client, that are not even available in your country. This also helps in encryption of your data on a public Wi-Fi, and help for a safe browsing experience without any hassle, as none of your information will be sent to the host networker.

Though the Android servers don’t allow direct connection to OpenVPN Networks, one has to install some third-party apps for the purpose. But these two of networks, named L2TP and PPT can be directly connected through the integrated VPN network from any Android device.

Methods To Connect VPN on Android Device

Android devices –  methods to Connect VPN on Android in following simple methodologies.

VPN Apps and OpenVPN Networks


A third-party app like “OpenVPN Connect” will be required for this purpose as Android doesn’t provide a support to OpenVPN servers. This above mentioned app will only work if you have Android 4.0 or higher installed on your device. If your device didn’t get an update from the earlier Android 2.3 or older, you might have to root your phone.

There might be a need of a dedicated VPN app depending upon the VPN being used. A common example is TunnelBear that offers handling of TunnelBear Free VPN Connection for Android. You got a success to Connect VPN on Android.

Androids Integrated VPN


Though Android doesn’t offer OpenVPN networks, but allows connection and support for L2TP and PPTL VPN networks as was mentioned above. To connect to these types, you will have to follow some simple steps, and also won’t have to install any third-party app.

For this, go to Settings, go to More (in Android 4.0 or above), or in Wireless and Networks (in Android 2.3), depending upon the Android version you are using. Further click on VPN or Android VPN Settings, and hit click on the “+” button.

Beyond touching the “+” button, you will be prompted to punch in the details like Name, Type, Server Address, etc. Fill in all the information, and click on the “Save” option.

To connect to the VPN that you created, simply tap the network. Beyond connection, multiple VPN networks can be configured. You will also require a Username and Password, which is required Connect VPN on Android for the next session.

Always-ON mode of VPN


This feature is available exclusively in Android 4.2 and afterwords. Once you switch on this option, no data will be sent except through the VPN network, thus making it a very useful feature while using public Wi-Fi.

This option can be found under the Menu option, once you have set up your VPN network. And if you try searching this option in your device having a lower version of Android, say Android 2.3, you won’t be able to see it as it is an exclusive feature of the higher Android versions.

Connect VPN on Android Device – Your Call


You can also Download VPN Android apps from playstore. Cisco VPN on Android is the most popular android vpn app for android. We are working on tutorial to use cisco vpn android app on any android device. Now, You can Connect VPN on Android.

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