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Difference between Swing Copters and Flappy Bird { Download Swing Copters Apk Free )

Swing Copters is a new buzz in playstore. Most of us are quite familiar with Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Birds. He brought to us this wonderful game which is a 2D game and is both cute and dangerous one. Flappy Bird required us to tap on the screen while the character advances sideways. It was very interesting indeed as well quite frustrating.

It was one of the most addictive games ever. Many of us are also aware that the game actually exploded with so much of popularity that the creator actually had to pull the game off the play stores. The game is still pretty much popular even to this day. Naturally the fans of Flappy Bird from all over the world were too much excited when they heard about the release of Swing Copters by the same creator.


The latest game Swing Copters is actually quite similar to its predecessor. Just like the Flappy Birds the Swing Copter also involves a cute character with a copter fitted to its head. Unlike its predecessor the character actually moves or propels upwards. The obstruction that features in this game are the swinging hammers which if hits the character than it crashes. It can be said that this game is also addictive but it is just not because of its difficulty but because of its behavioral manipulation.

You need to realize that whenever you are considering these straightforward games you need to understand that it is actually the specific details of these games which make them superb as well as addictive. It is absolutely of no wonder that the game is indeed going to make you angry because it is indeed that tough.It basically plays with your psychology and that too without rewarding you with some great prize.


The game would have been much better if at all the implementation of the hammers would have been good. One of the cons of this game is that sometimes it really feels that at some points the character dies even if it’s quite away from the hammers. It basically leads us to the conclusion that the hit detection system is weird. This particular aspect actually makes playing much worse because your character gets smashed without any understanding. Basically in this game there isn’t any reasonable outcome other than the glory of scoring the high scores. According to the nature of the game you actually need to turn your character to avoid the obstacles that are posed in the game and to score higher. Sometimes it is quite unfortunate that the speed of the character actually declines the moment you turn it sideways. With the inclusion of the hit detection there are actually some unexpected deaths which adds to the frustration of the player and makes them angry while playing.

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Let’s Focus On Some Major Differences Between The Flappy Bird And The Swing Copters:

  1. The character in the Flappy Bird is a simply cute character without any machinery fitted to it whereas the character in the Swing Copters is having a copter fitted to its head. Both the characters are small and equally cute.
  2. The character in the Flappy Bird game actually moves sideways whereas the character in the Swing Copter moves upwards. However both of the functionalities require taps on the screen to move.
  3. The obstacles in the flappy bird include some rows of green pipes whereas the obstacles in Swing Copter include the hammers or dumbbell shaped object which actually swings across while hanging downwards. If in any case the character is hit by the hammer then it crashes.
  4. Flappy bird was difficult but Swing Copters is much more difficult and even more addictive than the former one.

These are the major differences between the two games. Hope you do enjoy the latest game Swing Copters.

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