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*UPDATED* All That You Want To Know About The Blue Whale Challenge | Parents Guide For Blue Whale Game | Download Blue Whale APK { EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE }

Alert: We request you not to Download Blue whale game app apk. Also, it is Banned By the government of India and few other countries.


Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

– India
Visit AASRA or call their 24/7 helpline at +91-22-27546669 or +91-22-27546667. You can also e-mail

– Worldwide
In general, if you’re outside the US, numbers for your country are here: Help a friend – Befrienders Worldwide. You can also e-mail to talk to someone or go to… to speak with someone.

– United States
Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Para español, llame al 1-888-628-9454.

– Canada
Locate a crisis centre in your area and at The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (link to: Find A Crisis Centre). For youth under 20, you can call the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.

Introduction: Blue Whale Game Apk

The Blue Whale challenge is a dangerous and suicidal challenge that is played online by people especially teenagers who want to end their life. As of now, almost more than 130 teens fell into the victim of this game and have ended their life. The numbers are rising by each passing day. The term Blue Whale Game comes from a phenomenon of stranded whales at the beach where the whales strand themselves on the beach and eventually get themselves killed with their weight or due to the cover-up of blowhole during high tide. Even though the maker of this game has been arrested, there are still some suicide cases circling around the web every now and then.

Origin of the Game: Blue Whale Dare Game

According to the report, the game is invented by a Russian Psychology Student known as Philipp Budeikin who was expelled from the University. The game was started in Russia in 2013 on the Russia’s largest Social networking site Vkontakte and allegedly the first suicide took place in 2015. The culprit “Phillip Budeikin” is arrested on the charges of inciting around 16 teenagers to end their life and pleading guilty he was sentenced to three years in prison. However, the game did not marked the end of its journey rather started to spread like a wild fire drawing more victims into its list.

Recently a 17 years old teenage girl on the Eastern side of Russia was arrested for being a criminal mastermind behind this Game. Like others, she has also started the game, but without killing herself, she turned into an administrator and started to incite others to kill themselves by threatening them. More such vicious admins take the sole responsibility to run this dangerous game and spread its wing worldwide.

Meet The Creator Of Blue Whale Game: Philipp Budeikin

How was this game being played?

There are various theory how it is being played, but it is hard to decipher the real way. According to various sources, the game started in the, Russia’s Largest Social Network site. Apparently, they had a group name “Death Group”, and it was run by these Blue whale administrators. To be a part of the game one has to do is post their desire to play the game followed by some coded signs such as #5 #57 #58.

The desired candidates were asked if they want to play really. If they continue then, they can’t go back otherwise someone known as “they” will kill their parents. With the fear, some of them were forced to continue this game.

It is unknown if it was an app or not but one thing was clear that the administrators used to keep in touch with the victims through some social network portal and also they had created special groups to chat among them regarding the game.

Admin will contact you this way:

List Of Challenges In Blue Whale Game

1. Carve with a razor “f57” on your hand, send a photograph to the Admin.
2. come to life at four.20 a.m. and watch psychedelic and shivery videos that keeper sends you.
3. Cut your arm with a razor on your veins, however not too deep, solely three cuts, send a photograph to the keeper.
4. Draw a whale on a sheet of paper, send a photograph to keeper.
5. If you’re able to “become a whale”, carve “YES” on your leg. If not, cut yourself persistently (punish yourself).
6. Task with a cipher.
7. Carve “f40” on your hand, send a photograph to keeper.
8. kind “#i_am_whale” in your VKontakte standing.
9. you’ve got to beat your concern.
10. come to life at 4:20 a.m. and move to a roof (the higher the better)
11. Carve a whale on your hand with a razor, send a photograph to keeper.
12. Watch psychedelic and horror videos all day.
13. hear music that “they” (curators) send you.
14. Cut your lip.
15. Poke your hand with a needle persistently
16. Do one thing painful to yourself, create yourself sick.
17. move to the very best roof you’ll be able to notice, stand on the sting for a few time.
18. move to a bridge, stand on the sting.
19. Climb up a crane or a minimum of attempt to jazz
20. The keeper checks if you’re trustworthy.
21. Have an interview “with a whale” (with another player such as you or with a curator) in Skype.
22. move to a roof and sit on the sting together with your legs supporting.
23. Another task with a cipher.
24. Secret task.
25. Have a gathering with a “whale.”
26. The keeper tells you the date of your death and you’ve got to simply accept it.
27. come to life at 4:20 a.m. and move to rails (visit any railroad that you just will find).
28. do not see anyone all day.
29. create a vow that “you’re a whale.”
30-49. Everyday you come to life at 4:20am, watch horror videos, hear music that “they” send you, create one cut on your body per day, speak “to a whale.”
50. set out a high building. Take your life.

Want To Play Blue Whale Game? { How To Download }

This sinister Blue whale challenge goes around for 50 days. In the challenge, the victims are asked to do certain tasks to finish each day until the 50th day. The tasks were comprised of watching scary videos, mutilating the bod, inflicting self-harm etc. As the days progress, the level of the challenge grows into more brutal ones and through the end of the 50th day the victim was asked to jump from a high tower and kill themselves. The curator of the challenge used to ask the pictures of videos of the victim as proof that they are doing the task. With that proof only, the victim was provided with a new task.

Cases around the World:  ( MORE THAN 150+ Deaths):-


The first case of this sick game was witnessed in Mumbai on July 30, 2017, when a 14-year-old boy jumped himself to death from the seventh floor of a building. A class VII boy of Indore has documented all the 50 stages of this games in his school diary. Fortunately, he was saved from killing himself before he could take the final leap on 10th August 2017. On August 12, 2017, another class X student in West Bengal took his life by playing this game. He killed himself by covering his face inside a plastic bag and tied his neck with a cord. 


A 16 years old teenager dies of this game in Entre Rios on June 27. A 14-year-old boy in San Juan was also admitted in the ICU after he participated in this challenge.


Multiple cases were found in The US. A 15 years old teenager in San Antonio, Texas was found dead by playing this game according to cell phone broadcast on July 8 of that kid; it is confirmed that it was the work of This Challenge. Not only teenagers but also a 32 years old women name Natasha also became a victim of this Blue Whale Challenge.


The Blue Whale Phenomenon came to light in March 2017, when authorities discovered links between suicides of two 15 years olds in Siberia. Before killing themselves by jumping off a building, they had posted a photo of a Blue Whale captioned with the word “End” in their social media account.


At Portugal, around 90 victims have been identified who were associated with blue Whale Challenge. One of the cases was found where an 18 years old girl was found with mutilations on the body. She has thrown herself in front of a railway line to commit the final act.


What Parents Should Do To Protect Their Child

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All the major social media youtube Instagram, Facebook has come forward and has banned the game from thir platform.


If you search for  out of curiosity, this is what came up. Crazy world our kids are being raised in! Whenever you Search In Instagram with Keyword Like #BlueWhale You See The Result Like Below.⇓


Whenever You Search In Youtube “Blue Whale Game” Youtube Shows a Number Like This⇓, Besically  its shows a number and website link This Website Helping despair People.

How To Download Blue Whale Apk { Download Links }

Here comes the interesting part download links of the game blue whale apk. First there isn’t any game like this. It was never uploaded on playstore.

It was only accessible through social media, few secret WhatsApp group, and secret chatrooms. it was never available on the public platform. 


Conclusion: Download Blue Whale Apk

The blue whale game is a deadly trap for all the individuals around the world that are going through some bad times in their life. All the innocent teenagers are targeted by the group, and reportedly some were even forced to continue this game. It is most important that parents and faculties from school should raise awareness about this case and make sure that children should come to them for counsel before taking any lethal action. Otherwise, this ruthless game will successfully the simple innocent brain of many teenagers and will compel them to commit the vicious crime of taking their valuable life through suiciding blue whale game.

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